SMITE: meet the 5 best Gods for beginners!

SMITE is a game with dozens of Gods to choose from, so it can be difficult to understand which are the most suitable for those who are still new. They all have individual functions and are played differently, which can be quite a challenge. Check out this list of the most flexible and fun to play Gods for you to easily integrate into SMITE .


If you are interested in catching a wizard, then Ra is the best character to get you started. The Egyptian god has a powerful skill set and, although he is not considered the best meta wizard, he remains a balanced choice for any match. With Ra, you can mix direct damage skills with blessings that heal your allies. Since your attacks are launched from a distance, you also don't have to worry about risking too much in battles.


Ymir is a very popular God not only among new players, but also among the most experienced. He has access to a variety of support and zone control skills . This Nordic giant is a tank that can withstand large amounts of damage and launch powerful attacks causing damage and slowing enemies with ice. Therefore, Ymir is very useful in team battles.


This is probably the easiest hunter to play on SMITE. Artemis has very simple and easy to understand skills. You can use traps and launch automatic attacks , needing only a little aim to not miss completely. Artemis is, without a doubt, a very good option for those who are still getting used to the game.


With Athena you have access to crowd defense and control skills This allows her to directly confront enemy players, cutting off their moves and preparing them for elimination. As a bonus, Athena can also call on a group of allied warriors to help her during the battle.


This is probably the easiest Warrior to catch and understand, due to his abilities that hardly miss the mark. Vamana has valuable crowd control skills and is a very fun God to play. Although small, he manages to make a big difference in the team. This document was composed with the free online HTML beautifier. Click here to give it a try.

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