How to put skin on Minecraft: 2 quick and easy ways!

In Minecraft you start with two basic skins : Steve and Alex. But know that we can be practically what we want in the game. From your favorite movie character to any other comic book hero or hero. In this article we will teach you how to put a new skin on Minecraft to change its appearance! The forms that we will give you below can be used in any version of the computer game. There are two easy, fast and 100% reliable ways that will not harm your save file .

1. Putting skin downloaded from the internet

The coolest method, of course, is one where you can download new skins from the internet. So you can choose the coolest ones that are even your taste. There are several sites on the internet where you can download a new look. One of the most complete is Skins 4 Minecraft . So the first step is to download the skin . It is an image in PNG format. When you download it, do not be alarmed: it looks all deformed, but it is because it has not yet been installed. Remember where the downloaded file was, so as not to waste too much time later. Now go to the official Minecraft website and login . Enter your profile. Click on the Browse button , which will open Windows Explorer. Go to the location where the skin's PNG file was downloaded . When adding the file, upload it , so that the image goes into the game. The last step is to enter Minecraft . Make the login the game, give loading in the world, press the F5 and see how your avatar . If everything went well, there will be your new skin .

2. Putting the game's own skin

Minecraft creators selected some skins and added them to the base of the game. They can be accessed easily and quickly. Just access the Skin Chooser menu , from the game itself. It is on the icon of a clothes hanger, which is on the main screen of the game, below your avatar . Upon entering the next screen, you will see dozens of skins . They are divided by types, such as zombies or emojis. Not all are free, however, which can be daunting. Those that must be paid with in-game coins are marked with a white lock. Now just choose, change the skin and go! Go back to the home screen and start the game! A novelty in relation to skins is that in 2018 updates the developers allowed players to further customize avatars . You can add hats and other clothing to a skin , which was not possible. See the worlds you can create with Minecraft seeds Games like Minecraft !

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