Valkyrie is a fierce warrior who can be used in the offensive, mainly as support for her tanks. With its ability to inflict brutal damage on more than one enemy at a time, you can easily clear the way for your strongest troops to reach opposing towers. Check out these tips to learn more about Valkyrie!

General Tips

Valkyrie is one of the best cards for you to kill multiple enemies at once , as your attack reaches an entire area and is especially useful against groups of goblins and skeletons. In addition, Valkyrie can also easily eliminate single troops such as the Musketeer or the Warlock, as long as it is placed very close to them . But if Valkyrie is put away from these type of troops that attack from a distance, it will suffer a lot of damage until it gets close to the enemies. An interesting strategy to use Valkyrie is to place it between two buildings that you want to destroy, as it can damage both at the same time. Just be careful in case there are hidden traps.

Attributes by level

You can free Valkyrie at Goblin Stadium (Arena 1) . Check the changes that the card undergoes when it is improved:
Level Life Damage DPS
1 880 126 84
2 968 138 92
3 1,064 152 101
4 1,170 167 111
5 1,284 183 122
6 1.408 201 134
7 1.548 221 147
8 1,698 243 162
9 1,865 267 178
10 2,050 293 195
11 2,252 322 214

Better synergies

  • Valkyrie + Musketeer + Corridor: this combination works as a great quick and destructive attack.
  • Valkyrie + Barbarians: this is an interesting combination, because Valkyrie is considerably stronger than the Barbarians, however, their image is similar. So you can camouflage Valkyrie in the middle of the Barbarians, surprising your opponent.
  • Valkyrie + Giant: as Valkyrie does great damage, she manages to defend the Giant while he destroys everything in front of him.

How to defend yourself from Valkyrie

  • Mini PEKKA: this troop can cause a lot of damage and as it has many hit points it can cause problems to Valkyrie.
  • Musketeer: attacking from a distance, Musketeer manages to distract Valkyrie as it approaches. If you are close to any Tower you can still eliminate the warrior faster.
  • Knight: following the same logic as Mini PEKKA, Knight can deal great damage in Valkyrie and still defend well due to having many hit points.
  • Baby Dragon: this is the best way for you to defend yourself against Valkyrie, as she cannot attack flying units. With Baby Dragon, she will suffer a lot of damage quickly without being able to defend herself.

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