See the best tips and secrets to mastering everything in Apex Legends!

Apex Legends has several new mechanics for the battle royale genre, which certainly take a while to master. To speed up this process, we brought you a list with X tips to get used to the game right away. The list also contains some secrets that are not taught in the game tutorial and that could be the difference between winning and losing the game. Check below the best tips and secrets to master in Apex Legends!

Moving Tips

  • In Apex Legends there is no fall damage, no matter how high you fall.
  • It is possible to run vertically on walls for a certain time. This allows you to access unlikely places and reposition yourself more effectively. To do this, just jump towards a wall and keep pressing the jump key.
  • You can hold on to edges to check what's on top of buildings. Just release the jump button once you reach the end of the climb.
  • You can "kick" walls to get momentum and change your trajectory. To do this, just jump towards a wall, turn your vision so that you are totally facing it (perpendicular) and as soon as you touch it, jump again.
  • It is possible to climb on open doors to reach higher places.
  • You run faster if you store your weapons.
  • Although it does not seem, all the characters run at the same speed.
  • Slide on the floor as far as possible. You should see any inclination in the game as an opportunity to increase your movement speed.
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In Apex Legends it is very common that the difference between life and death is only 1 or 2 bullets. So always slide to increase your speed and get coverage as quickly as possible
  • Jumping at the end of slips increases the distance of your jump.
  • Whenever you jump from any edge (platforms, buildings, mountains, etc.), there is a specific timing in which you can press the jump button at the last possible moment before falling. This increases your jump distance by about 20%.
  • You can open doors with blows.
  • You open and close doors while you are down.
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Item and equipment tips

  • Supply ships have great loots, so many players will choose to land on them at the start of the game. High risk and high reward.
  • The area circled in blue on the map contains good loots and can contain a fully equipped weapon. Like the supply ship, going there is dangerous but it can be worth it.
  • Each shield bar counts as 25 HP. A white vest gives 2 bars. A blue vest gives 3 bars and a purple vest gives 4 bars. Thus, it is possible to reach up to 200 HP.
  • When you eliminate opponents, the colors of the dropped boxes indicate the level of the best item in the box. So, always prioritize the strongest loot.
Prioritize purple or gold loots, if any
  • Golden equipment (legendary) has passive benefits: golden helmet decreases the cooldown time of your abilities by 25%. The golden vest allows you to recover your entire shield by eliminating an opponent with execution. The golden backpack decreases the time to use health and shield items by 50%. The golden shield allows you to revive yourself once during the game.
  • Vests and helmets are always obtained at maximum capacity. So, when you eliminate an opponent and pick up your items, they will not be damaged by the shots he took.
  • If your team has a Lifeline and gets a gold helmet, a good option is to let her use the item so that she can use her supreme "Supply Capsule" ability as much as possible.
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Map and fighting tips

  • Use the appointment system as much as possible. Apex Legends can only be played in teams, so communication is essential. Mark opponents, items on the floor, items you want, everything.
  • Around the map there are Torres de Salto, which are red balloons in which you can climb and jump again, as in the beginning of the game.
Jump Tower. You can use it to reposition or locate opponents
  • Executing fallen enemies leaves you vulnerable and you cannot cancel the animation. Avoid this option unless you have a gold vest.
  • Never stop using your skills in combat situations. Apex Legends is a battle royale , so use everything in your power to survive each fight. There is no reason to "save" your skills.
  • The color of the damage numbers indicates the level of the opponent's vest. Yellow numbers mean headshots and red numbers mean the opponent is shieldless.
  • It is possible to hear the noise of shields breaking.
  • When a partner dies, team members have 90 seconds to pick up the dropped flag. After getting the item, the map will show the flags (in green) where the player can be brought back to the game.
  • Resurrected players return with no loot.
  • Use bullet drop gauges on long-range sights to land the first shot without alerting opponents.
  • Some weapons like R-301, Flatline and Hemlok allow you to change the firing mode. Others may be compatible with the shot selection hop-up.
  • The Pathfinder hook can be used to pull opponents.
  • When taking down an opponent, focus on others who are active. Don't waste time attacking someone who can't deal damage at the moment.
  • Get to know and get used to the skills of each of the Legends.
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