See how to make a Shield in Minecraft and how to customize it!

Shields are items used to defend attacks from mobs. Like most equipment, it can be enchanted. When using it, the player reduces his movement speed and is protected from attacks from the same direction and also from above. To craft a shield you need 1 Iron Bar and 5 Boards (any type). When obtaining them, organize them in this way: Planks are obtained through any combination of wood, which in turn are obtained through trees. Iron bars are obtained by combining 9 wood nuggets . Both Barra and Pepitas can also be obtained by smelting through a Furnace (made with 8 Boulders). See the procedure here ! After the craft, your Shield will look like this: You can also apply Unbreakable Enchantments, Mending, and Disappearing Curse on your Shield. Check out our Minecraft enchantment guide to see how it works!

Customizing Your Shield

It is possible to change the color of your Shield by combining it with a standard of the desired color. To craft Banners you need 6 Wool and 1 Stick. When obtaining them, organize them like this: Wool is mainly obtained from sheep. You can kill them or just clip them with scissors. Another way to obtain Wool is to craft it with 4 Lines as follows: The main ways to get Line is by killing Spiders or destroying Webs. To change the color of the Wool, use a Dye of the desired color.

Shield Information

  • Even with Iron in its components, shields cannot be fused.
  • When a Shield absorbs damage of 4 or greater, the item takes damage equivalent to the value of attack -1.
  • The push caused by explosions is decreased by 1 block when the player uses a Shield.
  • Shields do not protect the user from the effects of throwing potions.
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