In Arena of Valor , as in other MOBA games, you must use certain items to improve your hero's attributes and abilities. All players start a game with a total of six free spaces that are filled as the game unfolds. Find out all about these items and how to use them!

What are the items for?

The items are very important, as they are the ones that will really define a hero's power depending on each role. So it is essential to farm gold to be able to buy the best items during a match. There are three different categories of items:
  • Base items , which are specific to each hero and which, when replaced by others, can lower their power.
  • Situational items , which are purchased according to your current needs. For example, it is a good idea to buy magic resistance items if the opposing team has a lot of heroes dealing magic damage.
  • Boots , which are essential for all types of heroes. These items increase your movement speed and aid your mobility.

The importance of visiting Arsenal

Through the main menu, you can access Arsenal. There, it is possible to check all the items that exist in the game and form item builds for your heroes. Before you seriously venture into the game, it's a good idea to take a good look at the different items available so that you can know which items are ideal for each hero and situation. In addition, it is extremely useful to create your builds to buy the desired items faster during matches.

How to create a build for items?

There are multiple types of item builds you can create for your heroes. Depending on your style of play and your role on the team , you may need offensive, defensive or support items. As there are no absolute truths regarding the builds recommended for each hero, players can choose to create their own configurations or use those that are indicated by the game itself. If you choose to make your own build , you must first learn everything about your hero and the items available to know what is the most advantageous in each situation.

General Tips

While purchasing items can take on multiple priorities, if you are dying multiple times, unable to contribute to your team, then you may need to sacrifice some damage for survival. Check out these generic tips for all heroes:
  • The attributes of Omniarma and Ice Cape do not accumulate, so do not buy these two items simultaneously.
  • Buying multiple boots will no longer increase your movement speed. Do not waste your gold on more than one item of this type.
  • There is a limit to the maximum attack speed a hero can reach. Therefore, it is useless to buy many items that increase this attribute.
  • Generally, Uriel's Stigma, Deadly Curse, Demonic Handshake and Lightning Blade are items that don't deserve to be bought as there are better alternatives.
  • Buy Troy Medallion and Golden Boot if you need to protect yourself from magic damage or enemy control skills.
  • Buy Sonic Boots and other items that increase your armor to avoid physical damage from an opposing team with many hand-to-hand combat heroes.
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