Octavia is one of the most popular characters on Warframe . With its unique melodies, you can help your allies and also do a lot of damage to enemies. But, to get this heroine, it is necessary to take a diagram and the components requested to create it. Find out how to get Octavia on Warframe !

How to get the Octavia diagram

To win this diagram, you need to complete the mission for this warframe, Anthem of Octavia . This mission will appear to you on your Codex and, when you finish it, you will earn the diagram as a reward . These are the ingredients needed to create Octavia:
  • 25,000x Credits
  • 1x Mandachord
  • 1x Neurovisor
  • 1x Chassis
  • 1x Systems

Octavia neurovisor

To get this item, you only have to complete the survival mission in Orokin Derelict to earn the neurovisor diagram as a reward. As you just drop at rotation C in that zone, you need at least 20 minutes to get there. These are the ingredients that the neurovisor diagram will ask for:
  • 15,000x Credits
  • 1,000x Oxium
  • 2,600x Plastids
  • 4,800x Polymer Pack
  • 5x Neural Sensors

Octavia chassis

You get this item by completing the musical challenge of Orokin, on the Moon. Once you complete this task, you can jump to the top of the machine where a container with the chassis will appear. These are the ingredients that the chassis diagram will ask for:
  • 15,000x Credits
  • 6,000x Polymer Pack
  • 1,500x Plastids
  • 25,000x Remains
  • 3x Neurodes

Octavia Systems

Finally, you will need Octavia's systems to complete the main recipe. This item is found by opening the three Oroki containers that appear in the Plato mission on the Moon. Since systems are also reward for rotation A, you technically need to find only one container, but the more containers you open, the more chances you have of finding the items you are looking for. These are the ingredients ordered by the systems diagram:
  • 15,000x Credits
  • 2,000x Kuva
  • 20x Morphics
  • 3,000x Circuits
  • 3x Orokin cell
With all the items in your hands, it's time to create Octavia and take her on missions to level up! Also learn how to get Harrow on Warframe! Generate the CSS stylesheets for border radius, fonts, transforms, backgrounds, box and text shadows with the online CSS code generators.

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