Clash Royale: learn how to play Musketeer, the fatal archer!

The Musketeer is a unit with a long attack distance and moderate damage, which makes it especially useful in destroying flying troops. Check out these tips to take advantage of this ferocious archer!

General Tips

The Musketeer is a great option to support tanks, as it manages to defend them from a great distance, while they decimate enemy defenses. In addition, it manages to target air units , which makes it a crucial defense, replacing Archers due to its greater efficiency. She quickly eliminates Baby Dragon and Balloon. It is important to never let a Musketeer shoot over your Towers. It may look harmless, but in fact, it will be able to do a great deal of damage. Due to its large attack range , it is also the ideal troop to destroy Cannons, as its attacks do not reach it.

Attributes by level

You can release Musketeer on the Training Ground (Tutorial) . Check the changes that the card undergoes when it is improved:
Level Life Damage DPS
1 340 100 90
2 374 110 100
3 411 121 110
4 452 133 120
5 496 146 132
6 544 160 145
7 598 176 160
8 656 193 175
9 720 212 192
10 792 233 211
11 870 256 232

Better synergies

Musketeer + Giant: with its quick attack, Musketeer can do a lot of damage in the defense of your opponent, leaving the Giant free to cause destruction. Musketeer + Ice Spirit: with this combination, opposing troops will be eliminated quickly while they are frozen and unable to move. Musketeer + Knight: next to the Musketeer, the Knight can do a lot of damage to enemy troops while protecting them with their resistance and durability.

How to defend yourself against the Musketeer

Tombstone and Skeleton Army: such an army, quickly produced by Tumba, will involve the Musketeer so quickly that she will not be able to defend herself. Horde of Servants: although the Musketeer can attack flying units, if you strategically place Horde of Servants, she will not be able to defend herself in time.

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