Discover the best channels to watch CS: GO on Twitch

For Counter Strike: Global Offensive addicts, here we have compiled the list of the best channels on Twitch so you don't miss any more of the national and international game scene. Some channels are exclusively dedicated to championships while others are more casual and interactive. Either way, there's CS: GO for everyone. Check out!


Undoubtedly the main CS: GO channel on Twitch. ESL is the largest organizer of eSports championships in the world and its channel is responsible for broadcasting three major Counter Strike tournaments: ESL One, ESL Pro League and Intel Extreme Masters - IEM, including online qualifying stages. As if that were not enough, the channel is never offline and is the only one that broadcasts 24 hours of CS: GO every day. That's because, while there are no competitions going on, the channel broadcasts reruns from previous tournaments. Watch out: if there is “RERUN” in the broadcast title, it means that the championship is not live. Access the channel : esl_csgo . Derived channels : esl_csgob , esl_csgoc and esl_brazil , the Brazilian ESL channel.


The Blast Pro Series is a tournament based around the world and has had editions in Denmark, Turkey, Portugal, Brazil, among others. The format of the Blast Pro Series is much shorter than other tournaments since the competitions take place in just two days. This is because three matches are played at the same time, which can be uncomfortable for viewers, so whoever wants to follow the entire tournament, must connect to the main channel and derivatives at the same time. Access the channel : blastproseries . Derived channels : blastproseries_b and blastproseries_c .


Faceit is an English platform that sponsors eSports championships. Regarding CS: GO, the channel faceittv broadcasts the annual ECS tournament, one of the largest and most prestigious in the game. The qualifying stage (online) and the in-person finals are broadcast on the channel. Access the channel : faceittv . Derived channels : faceittv2 .


This channel is actually the English-language derivative of starladder_cs, a Russian Counter Strike channel. Every year the Starladder tournament is one of the most sought after due to the high prizes, in addition to having a long format (lasts more than a week), which pleases both players and fans. Access the channel : starladder_cs_en . Derived channels : starladder_cs_pt (Brazilian channel), starladder_cs_en2 and starladder_cs_en3 .


DreamHack is another famous championship that usually takes place two or three times a year. They do not usually gather the best teams in the world because they do not have the best prizes, but some top teams still attend. Access the channel : dreamhackcs . Derived channels : dreamhackcs2 and dreamhackcs3 .


The Gaules channel has become a national reference for those who follow the competitive scenario of CS: GO. Former player Alexandre “gaules” Borba follows the main championships while informally narrating the matches. The best thing is that he supports and suffers like any other MIBR fan. On the Gaules channel it is also possible to follow CS: GO amateur leagues, friendly matches of the player and learn a lot of the game. Access the channel : gaules .


Gamers Club is the largest CS: GO club in the world and is based in São Paulo. The platform gives all the support for the Brazilian competitive scenario to develop, broadcasting several matches of the male and female interns, in addition to broadcasting some international championships with Brazilian narration. Access the channel : gamersclubcs .


The True channel is, without a doubt, the best channel to learn to play CS: GO. The MIBR captain no longer streams as often as before but whenever he does, he teaches how to play Counter Strike in the best way, giving the best tips, explaining each decision and analyzing each mistake made by himself or by his opponents. In addition, Fallen analyzes games in search of potential cheaters and also uses other professional games to explain the game to his fans. Access the channel : gafallen . Complete and updated economy guide in CS: GO! 10 essential tips for those who play competitive CS: GO How to stream on Twitch easily in 4 steps

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