Ragnarok Mobile: table and complete guide of elements and properties!

In Ragnarok M: Eternal Love there are 10 elements that can define monsters, attacks and equipment. These elements are: wind, earth, water, fire, neutral, sacred, shadow, ghost, undead and poison. The elements affect the amount of damage that is caused or absorbed by certain attacks. Knowing which attacks to use against specific elements makes all the difference when leveling and farming. So check out our complete guide to Ragnarok Mobile elements below!

Table of elements

The table above shows how all the elements interact with each other. Values ??are percentages, that is, 25 is ¼ and 200 is double. Thus, a land attack on a wind monster does double the damage, while a fire attack on a water monster does only half the damage. Knowing what elements to use against the monsters you are killing can save half your time. On the other hand, it is possible that you are using weaker attacks than normal, or even taking more damage than you should just by using the wrong equipment. Check the table and get better prepared! See the list of ALL Ragnarok Mobile recipes!

Discovering the element of monsters

To discover the elements of the monsters, just open the monster tab in the Adventure Book. There you will have all the information about the monsters you have already taken a photo of, including the element (circled in red). Once you have identified the monster element, look for your character's way of using the right element.

Attacking with the right elements

The ways to modify the attack element in Ragnarok Mobile depend on the type of attack used by the character.

Melee physical attacks

For classes that attack melee, the original element of the attack is neutral. However, the following items will modify the attack element for 15 minutes:
Item Element Damn ...
Flame Heart Fire Eddga (MVP), Deniro, Metaller, Elder Willow, Horong, Marduk, Kobold (Hammer)
Great Nature Earth Wormtail, Mandragora, Goblin (Buckler), Andre, Giearth, Muka, Mantis, Ferus, Sting, Stem Worm
Rough Wind Wind Mistress (MVP), Hornet, Piere, Hunter Fly, Wind Ghost, Brilight, Cruiser, Gryphon (Mini Boss)
Mystic Frozen Water Knight (MVP), Hatii (MVP), Vadon, Marina, Obeaune, Marc, Sohee, Anolian, Penomena, Stormy
In addition to dropping monsters, these items can be purchased in adventure rewards from pets or purchased in the Exchange system. Some skills like Arpesio and Enchant with Poison also buff equipment with specific elements (sacred and poison, respectively) for a certain time. Discover the best places and tips to farm a lot of Zen in Ragnarok Mobile!

Arrow attacks

For archers and their evolutions, it is possible to buy arrows of specific elements. Some do not have the name of the element explicitly, such as the Crystal Arrow (water), Stone Arrow (earth) and Silver Arrow (sacred). Also, if you get Flame Heart, Great Nature, Rough Wind and Mystic Frozen, you can turn them into arrows in the Imperial Dagger and Ironwing NPCs in Payon:

Magic attacks

For classes that attack with magic, especially wizards and wizards, each skill has a specific element demonstrated by the color of its icon:
  • Red: Fire
  • Brown: Earth
  • Green: Wind
  • Blue water
See our complete guide to Ragnarok Mobile classes, evolutions and builds!

Transforming your armor into elements

In Ragnarok Mobile there are cards that, when equipped in your armor, assign an element to it, with all its advantages and disadvantages. Thus, it is possible to prepare special equipment for specific situations. Check out all the cards that modify the armor element:
  • Dokebi Card: wind.
  • Sandman Card: land.
  • Swordfish Card: water.
  • Pasana Card: fire.
  • Angeling Card: sacred.
  • Bathory Card: shadow.
  • Ghosting Card: ghost.
  • Evil Druid Card: undead.
  • Argiope Card: poison.
In addition to these, there are numerous other cards that grant attack and defense bonuses against specific elements, such as the Anacondaq Card, Anubis Card, Centipede Card, and MANY others. Discover the best places to level up to level 100 on Ragnarok Mobile! 9 precious tips to get started with everything on Ragnarok Mobile!

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