In Ragnarok M: Etenal Love, Friendship Tests are the best ways to obtain Mora Coins, which are used to enchant equipment. Considering that each Mora Coin costs 10 Friendship Tests, the more of this item you have, the more enchantments you can perform, in addition to having more chances of getting the famous fourth enchantment. If you are struggling to get the best items, check out the guide below on how to get up to 100 Friendship Evidence a day!

How to Obtain Friendship Evidence

To obtain Friendship Evidence you must complete group activities such as:
  • Help other players to do their board quests.
  • Help other players to complete their Slots.
  • Fight in the guild dungeon.
  • Fight together in the Endless Tower.
The weekly limit for Friendship Tests is 500 and the daily limit is 100. Check below how to beat that daily limit in 5 minutes!

Getting 100 Friendship Tests in 5 minutes

Follow the step by step below to quickly beat the daily Friendship Evidence limit: Create or join a group of 5 people : if you don't have any acquaintances playing, spam the chat behind players looking to do daily quests. Add group members as friends : all group members must add themselves as friends. Clear hunting quests : Use the Mercenary Mission item from the Adventure Meatball store to instantly clear hunting quests, that is, those that ask you to kill X monsters or get X items. The number of quests taken by the group members will define the amount of Friendship Evidence received. Make sure that each member clears their quests so that the whole group receives as many Friendship Evidence as possible. Clean Training Ground : Instantly clean Training Ground using the Training Ground Monster Report item in the Adventure Meatball store. Clear five Rifts of Time : if you have not yet reached the Friendship Evidence limit, use the Purification Grails item from the Adventure Meatball store to clear Rifts of Time instantly. If for some reason you still made it to the 100 Friendship Tests, just complete by helping weaker players in the Endless Tower. To find out how to get Adventure Meatballs, see our complete Pets Work guide! Click here for more Ragnarok Mobile tips and tutorials! The free online CSS beautifier website takes care of your dirty code and strips every unwanted

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