When a new Hearthstone expansion is announced, the crowd keeps counting the days to get the new cards. There is always a big change in the meta game with new decks and you have to prepare yourself if you don't want to be left behind . We have some advice that will help you get better into Hearthstone's new expansions. Follow our tips and be very lucky opening the new packages.

Save all gold without making exceptions

This is the most obvious advice you should take before a new expansion. Everyone loves to open packages and we know that going too long without opening is not easy. But think about this: each package that opens at that moment is one less of the new expansion. Let's make a very simple account. If you do a 50 gold quest daily and get 15 wins (10 gold for every 3) you will get 100 gold per day. They usually announce an expansion at least 2 months in advance. If you get those 100 gold daily, you will make 6200 gold, which is equivalent to 62 packages. I think it's worth taking it, isn't it? The best way to get this gold is Casual mode. Most players who play Casual are testing decks or doing more specific quests. If you play with an aggressive deck, you can play games much faster and get the most gold in wins per day (100). Remember that you will always have a legendary guarantee in the first 10 packages that you open from a new expansion. So it is worth saving at least 1000 gold. Learn all about the new Hearthstone expansion: The Witches' Grove!

Do not disenchant or create new cards

It is true that the game does not stop, but we do not recommend making new investments in cards. Even if a good deck appears in the goal, remember that you will be playing for a short time until the launch of the new expansion. Like gold, any arcane dust you keep will be very useful for creating new cards. You may think it’s okay to disenchant cards that don’t play, but everything can change. There are legendary and epic that can go from useless cards to very important cards. It all depends on the new synergies and new decks that will emerge in the new expansion. Hold on and don't disengage cards so you don't regret it later.

Track the launch of new cards

The cards are all slowly revealed before the expansion's launch day. Everyone is eager to know what the new cards are to start thinking about new strategies and future decks. Many professional players often analyze the cards and explain how they can work. But here it is still pure speculation, because what in theory seems very cool, may not work in practice. In addition to cards, new game mechanics like Discover , Adapt or Inspire are usually revealed . Usually, it will be very present in the next meta games. Whoever first understands how to get the most value out of this skill, will be able to move up the ladder.

Don't rush to create cards on the first day

After promoting the cards, it is very natural to start pointing the cards we want to our decks. However, it is a mistake to create cards without waiting for the meta game to stabilize . We may spend a lot of arcane powder on cards that we will not play afterwards. The ideal is to wait a few days to be able to understand which decks will be more valuable. It is true that we really want to play with the new cards, but it is worth the while to not regret it later. Even the pros are often mistaken in their predictions about the cards of the new expansions.

Take advantage of offers and promotions

Usually, before and after the launch of the expansions, small gifts are offered to encourage players. They can be packs, new hero skins or super simple quests to earn gold. Stay tuned and don't miss anything! If you want to spend money you can always take advantage of the usual 50 pack launch promotion for $ 49.99. Adding to the gold you will be able to save, it will certainly give a very cool start to your game. If you are an ace in the Arenas, you can see this as a good way to farm gold. If you’re still learning, check out our 5 surefire tips for 12 Arena wins .

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