Level 1 Pitcher: It's a pea, with a Bellsprout-like appearance from the Pokémon franchise. It has the ability to throw a pea by interval and with ten defeat a normal zombie. Sunflower: As its name says it is a sunflower, it has an appearance similar to Sunflora from the Pokémon franchise. It has the ability to provide sun (solar energy coins). It is the main plant to obtain the other plants. Petacereza: It is a pair of explosive fruits, similar to Cherubi, from the Pokémon franchise. It is used only once and attacks in a medium area. After a few seconds it explodes and all the zombies in the area will be charred. Walnut: It has the ability to withstand several bites of a zombie. It is useful to stop massive attacks and have time to counter them. Unlike Walnut-rage, it can be exceeded and is not as hard as it is. Patapum: It is a landmine in the form of an explosive potato. It takes time to assemble, until it emerges from the earth, ready. It is used only once and exploits the contact. Snow Peas: It is an icy version of the Thrower. Their peas are thrown in one per interval (notice a delay of just under a second between the interval of this and the Launcher) and each of them is covered by ice. When it hits the zombie, it freezes it and makes it slow. When an ice pea passes through a Plantorcha, it becomes a normal pea (like those launched by the Thrower). Carnivorous plant: Similar to the Piranha Plant of the Super Mario Bros. franchise. It has the ability to eat a zombie entirely. It is vulnerable while eating. Repeater: It is a rough version of Lanzaguisantes. Throw two peas per interval. Level 2 Desperate mushroom: It is a purple and small fungus, which throws spores at close range. Solar mushroom: It is a yellow fungus that provides sun. When planting it, it is small (like its suns), but after a couple of minutes it goes to normal size and provides twice as many suns as when it was small. Humoseta: It is a purple and bulky mushroom. Its spore cannon is found in its hat, unlike the helpless Mushroom found in its pedicel. Throw thick spores in mid-range. Flintstones: It is a strange plant, which has the ability to eat gravestones where zombies are found. Hipnoseta: He has the ability to control the zombie, make him walk in the direction of the plants and fight with the zombies that cross him. Its use is unique. Mushroom mushroom: It is a purple and often fungus of thin pedicel. It has the ability to release spores over long distances. It is vulnerable because it hides when a zombie is nearby. Frozen mushroom: It is an icy fungus, with a rough face and ice hat. Its use is unique and massive (freezes all the zombies in the area for a moment) (Cannot freeze zombictors). Petaseta: It is an extremely explosive mushroom. When it explodes, it causes a large cloud of fungus and leaves a crater. Putting it at the center of the field ends all zombies. Level 3 Water Lily: It is an aquatic plant. It has no powers. It serves as a base for non-aquatic plants on a water surface. Apisonaflor: It's a rough fig. When he sees a zombie nearby, he looks sideways and crushes it. Its use is unique. Tripitidora: It is a three-headed pitcher. Each shot of a pea by intervening it, goes through the three closest lines of where it is located. Zampalga: It is a mysterious seaweed for single use. Catch the zombie and take it to the depths. Jalapeño: It is an explosive chile for single use. Destroy a single line in flames. This plant is activated automatically when placed. Pinchohierba: It's a strange moss with skewers. It is not vulnerable to normal zombies. It is only used when zombies appear on transport. This plant is vulnerable to Zombienstein, Zombipulta and Zombictor Plantorcha: It is a log cut burning in flames. Every normal pea that flies over it will light and have double damage against a zombie. Nutshell-rage: It is an elongated, tall and very hard nut. With the exception of the Zombie with balloon and the Zombie climber, it cannot be exceeded. Level 4 Marseta: It is a small aquatic fungus. Like the despoiled mushroom, it throws spores at close range. Planterna: It is a plant shaped like a lantern. It helps to visualize between the fog at a short distance also in the puzzle of vase breaker serves to see the inside of the vases. Cactus: It is a plant that has the ability to throw thorns. When a Zombie with Balloon appears, it lengthens and throws a thorn against its balloon. Trebolador: It is a plant that has the capacity to act like a fan. It disappears to the fog and the Zombies with Balloon for a short time, it is of unique use. Bipetidora: It is a Thrower with Siamese heads, the posterior is a normal Thrower and the former is a Repeater. Frustrella: It is a starry fruit. Shoot through your five limbs. Pumpkin: High hardness, it serves as protection for plants and can be planted on them, the pumpkin being vulnerable. Magnoseta: It is a magnetic plant or mushroom. It has the ability to attract any metallic object of the zombies in three lines (be it a helmet, a bucket, a ladder, or a peak to dig), except for the cone and transport. Level 5 Coltapulta: It's a cabbage, with a pitcher. It is mainly used on the roof to attack zombies at height. Pot: It is a complement. It is used to plant plants on the roof. Corn thrower: It is a cob with a pitcher. Throw corn and butter sticks (the corn acts low against the zombies, and the butter paralyzes them for a moment and attacks them normally). Coffee bean: It serves to wake up the mushrooms and plants that are nocturnal, that sleep in the day. It is for single use. Garlic: It's a garlic head. When a zombie eats it, he spits it out and goes to another nearby line. Paraplanta: It is a small palm tree with huge leaves. It serves to protect from throwing objects and the hung Zombie. Margarita: It is a flower that provides money (silver and gold coins). Melonpunta: It is a watermelon with pitcher. Throw heavy watermelons that cause serious damage to zombies (with only two attacks defeat normal zombies, being normally defeated with ten pea attacks).
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