Mergers: In Evolution Z mode, the following mergers can be made to get new characters: Baby Vegeta: Tuffles + Artificial Bruits Waves. Bardock: Kakarot + I hate the Saiyans. Bojack (after transformation): Galactic Warriors + Seal Release Broly: Super Saiyan + Broly Cooler Final Form: Freezer's Big Brother + Super Transformation Freezer Final Form (maximum power): Freezer final form + Super Transformation Great Saiyaman: Gohan + Hero transformation kit. Janemba: Psyche Orge + People's Evil. Majin Buu (with Gotenks): Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks + Absorption. Majin Buu (pure evil): Majin Buu (good) + Bullet crazy. Majin Buu (with Ultimate Gohan): Ultimate Gohan + Absorption. Majin Vegeta: Super Saiyan 2 Vegeta + Babidi Frieza wick: Frieza Final Form (maximum power) + Reconstructive surgery Perfect Cell: Super Saiyan Goku + Cell Perfect Shape. Super 17: Android 17 + Android 17 Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks: Super Saiyan + Super Saiyan Gotenks Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta: SS4 Goku + SS4 Vegeta Super Saiyan Gogeta: Goku + Vegeta Super Saiyan Super Trunks: Super Saiyan + Super Saiyan Trunks Super Vegito: Super Saiyan + Vegito Ultimate Gohan: Super Saiyan 2 Gohan + Elder Supremme Kai Vegeta (Explorer): Vegeta + Explorer. Special abilities: Attack + 6: Merging 2 attacks 3 Defense + 6: Merging 2 defenses 3 Attack +6 in KI level: Merging 2 ki + 3 Final move + 6: Merging two final moves + 3 Health + 6: Merging two health + 3 Team slot + 4: Merging team slot + 3 and dragon power. Super final move + 6: merging two final super move + 3 Favorite techniques + 6: merging 2 favorite techniques + 3 Speed + 6: merging 2 speed + 3 Movement activation: Favorite technique 1: Favorite technique 2: + Favorite technique 1: Favorite technique 2: + Super final move: + Hidden Fighters: Androie C 16: Defeat Cell using C 16 AndroidC 17: Beat him with Piccolo. Android C 19: Beat him with Vegeta Super Sayan Android C 20: Beat him with Piccolo. Little Buu: Beat him with Goku. Burter: Beat him with Goku . Captain Ginyu: Beat him as Goku. Cell JR .: Beat him with Jove Gohan Super Sayan. 100% perfect cell : Beat it with Gohan Super Sayan. Dabra: Beat him with Gohan. Dodoria: Beat him with Vegeta. Freezer second form: Beat him with Vegeta. Frieza final form: Beat it with Vegeta. General Tao Pai Pai: Get the 7 dragon balls. Gohan adult super sayan: Complete the battle gate Z mode. Goku Child: Get the 7 dragon balls. Goku Super Sayan: Beat Frieza with him. Goku Super Sayan 2: Beat Perfect Cell with him. Goku Super Sayan 3: Beat Majin Buu with him. Goku Super Sayan 4: Beat super C-17 with him. Goten: Beat Gohan with ENCE WITH ADULT GOHAN. Goten super sayan: Beat him with Trunks boy. Gotenks: Beat Super Buu with Gotenks Super Sayan 3. Guldo: Beat him with Chaoz. Jeice: Beat him with Vegeta. Master Muten Roish: Get them 7 dragon balls. Majin Buu: Kill Super Buu Gohan with Vegeto. MR.Satan: Beat Perfect Cell with him. Nappa: Beat him with Goku. Oozaru: Get the 7 dragon balls. Raditz: Beat him with Piccolo. Recoome: Beat him with Goku. Saibaman: Beat him with Krillin and complete that story. Super Buu: Defeat him with Gohan. Trunks with long hair of the future: Pass all the battle door mode. Trunks boy super sayan: Beat MR. Satan with Trunks boy. Super sayan trunks of the future: Beat Mecha Frieza with him. Vegeta Oozaru: Get the 7 dragon balls. Vegeta Super Sayan: Beat C-18 with him. Vegeta super sayan 2: Survive 2 min. against small Buu. Vegeta Super Sayan 4: Defeat Broly with Vegeta Super Sayan Ultimate. Vegeta Super Sayan Ultimate: Beat Perfect Cell with Vegeta Super Sayan Ultimate Vegeta super sayan final (Super Vegeta): Let time run out in the fight Vegeta Super Sayan final against Buu. Vegeto: Let time run out in the Majin Buu fight against little Buu. Videl: Let time run out in the Majin Buu fight against little Buu. Zarbon Monster: Defeat him with Vegeta. Battle S Gate Z: Now we are going to tell you how to activate the battle gates that are initially hidden. A final and lonely battle: Complete the saga of the sayans . Door of the legendary super warrior: Complete the 100% freezer saga. The most powerful: It is unlocked at the same time as Barok Goku's father. The Janemba monster: Complete the saga of the revenge of the sayans. The galactic threat: Finish the 100% saga of the androids. The super warrior of the future: Unlocks at the same time as the galactic threat. The Ultimate Android: Complete the saga of the future super warrior 100%. Revenge of the Saiyans: Finish 100% the saga of the cosmic emperor The plan to conquer the land: Finish the sagans revenge saga 100%. The Genuine Android: Finish the destroyer monster saga 100%. Revenge of Baby: Finish 100% the revenge of the genuine Android. The true martial arts tournament: Gather the authentic dragon ball and ask Sheriff. The hidden pots: There are two purple pots that do not appear in any way, osi? We will tell you how to get them. The power of the dragon: Choose the game mode called final battle. Once you have won the tenth fight, eye is worth no more, get out of the mode and you will receive this potala. Milagro: In the final battle mode, win 20 fights and get out of the way to get it. Note: merge these two legs and you will get a pleasant surprise. The hidden tournaments: Advanced Tournament: Win the tournament in beginner mode. Expert Tournament: Win the tournament in advanced mode. The Cellular Tournament: Win the martial arts tournament in expert mode. The wishes you could ask Sheron: As much as you try to ask Sheron for a bundle of 500 bills he will not listen to you, but to remedy it he offers you all this: CHILD GOKU MASTER ROSHI GIANT MONKEY. VEGETA GIANT MONKEY. TAO PAI PAI. THE PASSWORD MODE. THE TRUE MARTIAL ARTS TOURNAMENT.

Cheats of Dragon Ball Z Budokai 3:

Unlock Characters:
Android 17: With Piccolo beat No. 17 in dragon story mode. Andoide 18: Complete Dragon Story with Krillin. Arale: Defeat him with goku boy in the alternative saga (goku against arale) Babidi: Defeat Bu fighting with vegeta in the Bu monster saga. Captain Ginyu: I beat Goku in dragon story mode. Devilman: Defeat the freezer army with devilman in an alternative saga. Dr. Gero: Defeat him with Yamcha in dragon history. General blue: Defeat him with goku boy and arale in dragon ball. Gogeta (level 2): Beat Gotenks in the worl tournament arena after beating Broly in dragon history. Gogeta (level 4): Instead of fighting with Kid Buu, look for Goku (once with the level 4 capsule). Beat him and you will get the maximum fusion of Gogeta. Gogeta super saiyan: Defeat super Li-shin-long with goku in dragon ball gt Great monkey king vegeta: Defeat the freezer army with the Saiyans in an alternative saga. Goku GT: Defeat Baby with Goku in the dragon ball GT saga. Goku gt super sayan: Defeat Baby with goku child in the dragon ball gt saga. Goku gt super sayan 3: Defeat Baby with goku child in the dragon ball gt saga. Goku GT Super Sayan 4: Defeat Android 17 with Goku Sayan 3 in Dragon Ball GT. Hatchan: Defeat Android 16 with goku boy and hatchan in alternative saga. Kid Buu: Beat him in dragon story with Goku. Kid goku: Complete dragon story with Broly. Kid Trunks: Beat Majin Buu with Vegeta in Dragon Story Majin Buu: With goku beat dragon story Neo Shenron: Defeat him with goku gt in the dragon ball gt saga. Tambourine: Defeat the piccolo king with goku boy in dragon ball. Recoome: With Goku beat him in dragon history. Demon king piccolo: Defeat this with goku niñol in dragon ball. King vegeta: Defeat the freezer army with the Saiyans in an alternative saga. Vegeta 2nd form super sayan: Defeat super Yi-shin-long and vegeta in dragon ball gt. Vegito: Beat Super Buudentro from Buu's body in dragon history, with Vegeta or Goku Videl: Find him in the Plains area in dragon history with Gohan. Nail: Forcefully defeat Ginyu fighting with Goku in the Freezer saga. (Super Sayan) Dr Willow: Defeat Willow fighting with goku, piccolo and gohan niñi in the special saga. Location of the Dragon Balls of the Dragon Universe with the characters: Each character has a limited number of balls in the world that goes, here are the following solutions: Goku: 2 Balls in the Vegeta saga. 2 Balls in the Frieza saga (Namek). 1 Ball in the Cell saga. 2 Balls in the saga of Bu. Gohan Boy: 4 Balls in the Vegeta saga. 3 Balls in the Frieza saga (Namek). Young Gohan: All the balls are at the beginning. Gohan: All the balls are at the beginning. Vegeta: 2 Balls in the Vegeta saga. 2 Balls in the Frieza saga (Namek). 1 Ball in the Cell saga. 2 Balls in the saga of Bu. Piccolo: 2 Balls in the Vegeta saga. 2 Balls in the Frieza saga (Namek). 2 Balls in the Cell saga. 1 Ball in the saga of Bu. Krillin: 3 Balls in the Vegeta saga. 4 Balls in the Frieza saga (Namek). Yamcha: 2 Balls in the Vegeta saga. 2 Balls in the Cell saga. 3 Balls in the saga of Bu. Tenshinhan: 2 Balls in the Vegeta saga. 3 Balls in the Cell saga. 2 Balls in the saga of Bu. Ub: All the balls are at the beginning. Broly: All the balls are at the beginning. WORLD DRAGON TOUR MODE: TAO CYBORG : Win the ton from beyond by playing in the second level. PILAF MACHINE: Win the great world tournament playing in the second level. PILAF FUSION MACHINE: Win the world tournament playing in the second level. SPOPOVICH: Win the world tournament in the third level of difficulty. LING COLD: Win the cell game in the third difficulty level. FASHA: Win the game of Yamcha in the third difficulty level. GREAT MONKEY FASHA: Win the game of Yamcha in the third difficulty level. WANTING CONCESSIONS: GOHAN OF THE FUTURE: Ask the green dragon. GOHAN DEL FUTURO SUPER SAIYAN: Ask for the green dragon. CHI-CHI: Ask the red dragon. UNLOCKABLE SCENARIOS: DRAGON HISTORY MODE: HELL: Win the game of Yamcha in the second level of difficulty. In special saga fusion reborn goku vegeta. MUSCLE TOWER: Defeat Tao with Goku child. Saga dragon ball battle in the tower of Korin WORLD DRAGON TOUR MODE: DESERT LATE: Win the game of Yamcha in the second level. DESERT NIGHT : Win the Cellula game on the second level. GRANT OF SHENRON WISHES: PENGUIN VILLAGE: Ask the red dragon. MONTE PAOZU: Ask for the red dragon CASTILLO DEL REY: Ask the red dragon. MIDDLE DESERT: Ask the green dragon. SURVIVAL MODE : Overcome the first 30 missions of missions 100 in the final battle mode and you will access this long and thrilling “king of the track” challenge, where you can participate in more than a hundred fights against all the game characters and get Z points . EXTRA BATTLE FOR MISSION 100 : Within the mission of the dragon simulation game, after winning your first battle, use the "explore" option until you find bulm. In exchange for money the girl unlocks 5 new missions for this mode. Repeat it later to unlock successive missions. In this mode you can get these two items: Perfect Guard : Win 50 fights. Fast Charge: Beat the 100 battles of the mode and the charge of K1 in your Lucahdor will be faster than normal. Passwords for fighters: In the password entry screen within the data center section, enter these codes to increase to the maximum. Before you must equip them with some object for the password to take effect, you can choose them in the duel and training modes. accessing them in the top row to the first row of selectable characters. In the menu options section cheats by pressing pause while playing a level, you need to obtain a number of computers to activate it, we indicate the trick and then the precise computers: CoD Noir: 2 computers you will see in black and white. Photo negative: 4 computers will see everything as a negative. Supercontraste: 6 computers you will have vision in supercontraste Ragtime belico: 8 computers vision old movie, (with music and accelerated) Cluster bombs: 10 computers, Your bombs will be cluster A bad year: 15 computers, by killing the soldiers they become tires Slow motion skill: 20 computers, all in slow motion press R3 to deactivate or activate it. Infinite Ammo: 30 computers Goku (start): S + 2wR ffGkp F2R96 Y! CQ * x2 K! OpC $ NQXM $ 2 Gohan child: (ZIZg RW #? 1q% q2n xCfck! Zb $ 6C3 I4P * v * X Piccolo: 14qnm F $ + vV rjqVm NdvyBd $ 6jt6g bWt1w g $ Vegeta Explorer: SOVVV lfNjB $ & $ & # G5 * tTOI HO7K2 Gjk $ 4g 2? Krillin: c7wQ @ jjR64 T & gir F2n $ @% q 7! Or9 Pnysg DC Yamcha: gZk4T R5t7p II & 9P h9Pf) @p nTLPh ZQjV9 + # Sword Traunks: tpcBk kx (mW & NJ +? Xmwf9Nv z $ M * 7 8vM + 2 -W Medium Goku :? Pr8z NK @ yv jDfF3xd% wQG @ W BRO-W y4 Young Gohan: ZDK-V @c? V @ Cq (r7 z? GbhlF! -Bt) g7q-? jM End piccolo : $ mkc- rBKgX c4j * q (NBI4I? S2% dB J1bjp nH Vegeta: H? Vy # q% H8w 6F (Wx H3DsW? C C3-NB vZ @ Vf & # Vegeta: H? Vy # q% H8w 6F (Wx H3DsW? C C3-NB vZ @ VF & # Tenshinham: gTRYn hpJgn G) 9% 6 7H & DyVf bbBYp 09hSF G7 Chaos: & hz9M bm3% 2 pF + 8W 7 @ B) oBV p # YKv @ od9L 9 * Trunks: knL? 2 w65wh T5 (PQ QVBsN $ - sp? B6 7Wwf% Lf Final Goku: bJGN) 1 # & K5 * I!% $ MdcOgsW NLsfH $ ICZR -q Gohan: 2kX?) 8kJQk j9XOq KDb8RQ9 bq) Sv 8% V5Z? C Ultimate Gohan: 8Gr7v VgXT + J & -fO w4Op1g1 Y (% K # GSpF4 bt Vegeta second form : kMPL8 jCC1s 9n96M 7hHvTBh #zmXO + BQf 5N Vegeta second monster form: h5mQ7 94BKd IGZhW ndkRbC $ (and% pJ 7c4T% Wv Goten: zk * 9! $ 6h81 P% B & t Sg @ 8MTZ T @ 11p (294n KD Child Trunks: S8k3j vFgOt WKWV! vLCF @ jS KPZyl C3? yp Pm Goku Gt: TT5bz g1ky- Y-? Fv 3LH2X-g $ yW! R # ~ 5B) q (? Chi-Chi: VkQN (q # z? KO? QBK LqPC $ W (Rd7V2 w + Gj4 & S Videl: $ YOHr 7HH3b 3Pck% 51VyQjM 8f + c # cxFc1 wG Mr.Satan: IH8c2 * 7 + 5- #RT? # MBsVzl% n3FVn 4D29O S7 Vegeta 2nd form (SS4): 3Njf # Sn & W * WM + j and Wj + X-5 + CJH + 4 Ub : F # cnl 7zjGj jfP) g CDQQD $ H 4M $ F + fkW $$% k Pan: I) hWr O # 9mm! HPmm! HPx? DbmX- cMP J $ Iw7 snj7n zo Master Roshi: jK # dd 3) p + q #LOwf! # Cc8 @ b 35Fg5 RdzsY DN Yarijobai: Y% yL1 3JC% dd? W5 + hz42rnX t7SgF D-T4G JI Nail: ZkcWC L $ M%? * ScHN YCDn * v $ fFDhs d # (& M zd Kaiyoshin: $ MS-n dzc $$ p # D8L 8b @ J (87 4kV ++% fZb5n 4v Raditz: mJbsF 3-N) 9 nsLDI (ZqbSg4 3Mt2 * I? KK) PI Nappa: gT + 30 PGJhF 8Iv99 Zn (MZZm xgvTQ cG46K q8 Saibaman: v9SKL & MbMb%) OSM ZB3nK &) L $ 6qq 83Kwk Pj Captain Ginyu: 19Myd mWdMK gB $ HZ MS @ Q # 4q HVWJ- bCX! SsH Recoome: z5 * OW & R (qD PQLF (4YC (D7L srl $ G gDO% c?% Burter: q * qR8 1kghT Nh9kS! VNdMxP 4SG8T PNbfm j ( Jeice: 4S @% D - XbNF #f) DT sC-CzkLX T + fFX KOyjM VL Guldo: SGZQL @ KBf9 PH5qO Kx @ VSX2 4 & HKV ny! VM dF Zarbon: -t5C8 r1rpj € Bj)? fs (pWxS - * 6rf OOC7j jr Dodoria: FQ + 73 z # vDL MCGMO cbLnFvD 8fGB @ 7lfWz +3 Freezer: K3vBF dcrSD nYz9r NRJLJS9 t4j4! Jr1z% 9k Freezer wick: $ * @ Tg jwF9w BN5n4 # **? JHD tbvJM psKDT IX Appule: BLM @ O d * @ nJ 8 # 8S +) fq7f8D t + Yh (z $ QPS 1! Cui: n * cHH dkhCV JLCKq% CSP + -8 (rXbv fXptR -d Freezer soldier: + 66df LR8Qw 3HtY2 + 2 $ HzFh l * GOr) j69) D3 King Cold: pJjP5 q6WlX 2sWgb Qz9 * + Mr MhDtM n # KBt (- King Vegeta: mSW4V? HfTv 8p! * 5 z * S $ YB (-sNg # yGQ98 bx Cell : 1yCbW 7rL # P nR-cWÇP RvF5HYN X7sRf * BZ + J Jr cell : 9hVKP 5F &% Q? HmW2! Yc *) W4 Z7f4f rbZzC +5 Dr. Gero: pBSZc! NPOV ZjD * N + bcmPxq dsSJ $ + QX% kx Android 19: 2cGy) 1z0B3 63HCS DtpBk * T rmZyY L5c3q CZ Android 18: mkSFw + DPnr nx6qW! XGPJT? 6H2k @ $ CJ? 6 - Android 17: F9 @ 3% FYNtz @ 0wD d2Py602 J-q4 & IvHZB fV Android 16: $ jY2f sK% + g jY55x pJS8 & F (6 & WS @ 7Sb9? 1V Monster Buu: KcOg7 zM8P & O3YnZ) - 7% kGy K $) Q% fSOrX gY Pure evil: ITWKx ILtLF y3 + O $ @ nT5F1I h & O # t T) 2 + 4 4+ Super Bu: hIC-2 SGFTY r7HNR 2xCc! B $ Gs23 & gt7sK 1C Small Bu: 7?% XM 65T32 z8s3R% KF4 * Nq * K65 $% $ HZX SM Babidi: DT + -z IQkHI WnHn% jpq? @ 1Q @ $ 9OF 8Rd3x LV Spopovich: t (7 @ x 7W? And () 7RXd Demon King Dabra: hp? IT vycM- @ 1z? 3 @ j * LWC9 6GBdC B9 @ $ RF) Bardock: jORHf * (YrP -j4I #GxK (CT -3Kjc 3rh5O 9Y Fasha: csn-c 3) C5J r) z (f 4tfV? GQ WOT! And VbIDs #f Garlic Jr: Q *) Zq xs% & @ KgrjL mx1VgOj O4Jg? # fW5x Mw Dr Willow :) FsKb Q $ 2GC fYJNN WsQhLGb 3SW7c zvzS) fZ Turles: yt # P3 # rKW8 wJcBO tYMqTQc?! 4fF Dp $ zr fg Slug: G # 65 $ jd-Qk 9r5NL WxbPF2L XFjFL kpyp (db Salza: kQ6d $ @ qZd% r & Bn # 6 $ 6NRWW T5p5D y8Y (V Jb Cooler: G3b9n fj? 54 tCn + r Z !! V4kp SkvHc 5DPX? Wf Metal Cooler: IJwLy C! 64m x4 * Rj * s!% Yk3? G # + # Xh-DX 2H Android nº13: 099TO VW% 5b 3t & Cm S! S) fQL XIN5 # hf # z $ CV Broly: CNF99 c9) Mc 1xHB- bd7 @ (T5 rJ +% X PrQxS 7x Zangya: sx # J% 1mdcI 4r6W3 wOI7 $ V4 & XVH) hJ + jt Bs Bojack: 6cHZ7 WV) cY I + JCO L & * ynTD wKZV% qG * Jp bV Janemba: @ -W * & 3) sWx qO $ m5 # 3R27nX 5mr8X * n9Qp -P Pikkon: Z7rY8 FLX4P 1Z% gp Y789 + 2Nq 9pn @ t Hk% Yq vc Tapion: ghcFh 6 + 6t1 SMG9T 8362 # Y2 tXVNb) K5yy Hh Hildegarn: % @ 93) sOjW5 TYvM8) mrwc! H MynyB gdD) 6 O9 Baby Vegeta: (& !! / (B7886 WhYnn LvGLL $ G xfLZ $ t? RI SL Super nº17: 4HZ @ g Icfhb W93b s8yQ5Cz (LTQ $ KwL3C 9X Neo Shenron: @ 489V m4Nz% PrTpN zjpnG4D pq) 4? * yzIN 4K Shin Shenron: 6 & b + F 93) 88 cpK6 + L $ xj + v%! GrGW F @ gSw & p Demon King Piccolo: TR-OJ 7fI2k gf? FS z89WB @ j y9 @ B2 cPn-Cg mb Tambourine: TR-OJ 7f12k gf? FS z89WB @ j y9 @ B2 cPn-Cg mb Pilaf machine: 0% fDD & x9kk xVZgC XJnrwps (+ Tnx qTc (mw $ Devilman: BkgF3 NkMWF f5ff & 73PTZJX V5 @@ r L) xZP DP General blue: v2 + Xb BII # B Kcn8J XNMs5f9 HqnP2 Rh? Zh x & Tao Pai Pai: 15% IM xxySd h (fd $ KgRzfc + CXy + OG) hW d2 Tao Cyborg: C79% O BO% + - Xn! 7n QHF $ * pJ DSVt6 9hyzN jN Goku child: 6cm9Q y6cZd (mTSO Y6 + TBy2 hv #! L (q63b cg Gohan of the future: zKtY @ 5dn # 5 O% x6b VyVf (8c chX ?? fWq + k KQ Grandpa Gohan: ccgjm Q8DFD zIBDG JDFIrIO XIvD4 cQ2H @ pw Namu: rF1 $ RC (xfk 6I9Ld rnRhf% c (x $ 34 clfMM xH Hatchan: 6kcf + @IvjO -yBz2 x? V7W8H 8z? HI C4! R # M9 Arale: OQkc2 S #! NS # (and! $ C7p8 * 3jX1M 6XXn2 P $ How to enter the Shenroon spheres: In the story mode, get into any phase, then destroy things, in one of those rocks you destroy, a sphere will come out, take it. If you lose the fight you will lose the sphere, but if you win it you will stay with it.

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