Paladins is a free and exclusively multiplayer shooter , released in 2016. It quickly became a fever among Steam users during its beta phase, a year earlier, which made it also reach the next generation consoles. It is a competitive game. tough and requires a lot of skill and practice from players to be mastered with mastery. Although similar to other titles in the genre, Paladins still has elements of MOBA. Each character offers a style of play, and the classes here are not "cast". So it is very important to learn to have that trick to develop your own way of playing to get along. And we'll help you with that with x simple tips.

1. Learn to work as a team

The shooters modern have a serious problem, especially those that are multiplayer : players are encouraged to adopt an individualistic stance. Paladins' idea , for example, is that two teams of five people face each other to achieve goals. Of course, it will be necessary to kill opponents, regardless of the game mode. After all, it is and will always be a shooting game. The problem is that many players, especially beginners, want to "show service". In an attempt to not be newbies , they end up appealing to a Rambo style. They fire shots and hunt enemies through maps in an uncontrolled way. 99% of the time they end up dead, leaving their companions in the dark. So it is always best to work as a team. There are five components in each team, and your primary objective is to find your place and your role in that group. Be prepared and thirsty to kill, but do it only if it is really necessary and strategically.

2. Understand the game modes

Paladins basically have three game modes: Siege, Slaughter and Mata-Mata. Each has its own goals, requiring players to play differently. And this is very positive! Gives dynamism to matches, allowing players to develop and apply various skills. The first tip of the text fits very well here. Teamwork needs to be focused on the immediate fulfillment of the objectives of each mode. Eventually you will end up eliminating opponents and earning points for it, so don't worry. The shots you take need to benefit the team, not just your individual progress. See below for a little bit about each of the modes;
  • Siege : this is the main mode. The two teams of five players each need to add 4 points in several game rounds to win the match. These points can be obtained in three ways: by taking control of the Capture Point (1+), taking the Charge to the enemy base (1+) and stopping the enemy Charge until the time to take the Charge ends (1+). This last form only provides points once per match for each team.
  • Slaughter : this is very reminiscent of a King of the hill . The goal is to earn 400 points before the opposing team or get more points in 10 minutes. To do this, you must kill enemies or control the large area in the center of the map.
  • Mata-Mata : similar to the slaughter, here the goal is to reach 40 deaths before the enemy. Here, your biggest goal is to shoot everybody.

3. Know the functions of the Champion classes

Like any good MOBA shooter , Paladins has character classes. They are very important because they give players a base of play style . Let's say that each class has a pre-established role in battle arenas. But it is not necessarily necessary to follow this to the letter, since all Champions work very well in other functions than their original ones. Check out what each class does:
  • Tank : it is known as the front line of the group. Your Champions are more robust, take less damage and have the functions of ensuring the goals achieved and protecting the other players on the team.
  • Support : This is the most versatile class in the game. It has both offensive and defensive uses. They accompany the offensive players and even the Tanks, in order to regenerate their lives.
  • Flanco : who belongs to the Flanco class is lighter and faster. Its basic function is offensive, but strategic, as it goes behind and on the enemy's sides to deal surprise damage.
  • Damage : the Damage class has the most firepower in Paladins . They are responsible for greater offense in the team.

4. First choose the class, then the Champion

In total, among characters that already come with the game and those that can be obtained later, there are 41 champions. Playing with everyone at least once is complicated, as the options are many. In addition, most need to be purchased for some kind of purchase, which is never fun. But it is important that you have a favorite champion. In Paladins each of these 41 characters has unique weapons, skills and talents. All of this makes a difference, yes, when it comes to gameplay . It's no use: playing with Lex is one thing, playing with Bomb King is another. To make your choice easier, think about choosing the class first. It is possible to know which style of play you identify with most. Having chosen that, within the class, start experimenting Champion by Champion. See if your skills, the weapon you use, if Ultimate is to your liking. Only by feeling comfortable in controlling the character is it possible to make good matches.

5. Use the relief elevation to your advantage

Paladins' maps are not huge, but they are also not small. The breadth of space of action means that there is always that doubt as to where the next attack will come from. So what many master players do is use relief to their advantage. The idea is not to act as a camper , but to have more coverage. High places are always the best places to protect yourself from enemies. You reduce their action space by confining yourself to a smaller, covered space. At the same time, you also gain a smaller action space, which can facilitate eliminations of enemies.

6. Don't forget the letters

Paladins' great differentiator from other shooters is the inclusion of the card system in the game. Each Champion has a collection of modifier cards at their disposal . They change attributes and abilities within matches, often almost completely changing the character's playing style. Understanding what each card can do for your Champion is very important. Not only because it can allow you to play in a unique way compared to other players , but also because it will certainly make your life easier in combat. All champions come with a pre-established loadout , a set of cards. The player can always change it before each game, but never in the middle of one. The combinations are many, the types and levels of cards as well. Take the time to analyze these items if you want to improve your game level. See who are the top 5 Paladin Champions !

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