The sixth week of Fortnite Season 8 introduced a new challenge: players must visit the top 5 locations on the map. The challenge cannot be completed in Playground or Creative mode. If you haven't completed the challenge yet and want to know where these places are, check below for the exact location of the 5 highest points in Fortnite!

5 highest points in Fortnite

The 5 highest points on the map are marked in the image above. When you arrive at the locations, look for signs containing the altitude. They are the reference points and the challenge will only be completed if you pass close to them. See below:

Mountain north of the football field

On the mountain north of the football field, look west to find the sign. The mountain on the side, right in the direction of the sign (marked in the image below), is also one of the highest points you need to visit to complete the challenge.

Mountain northeast of the Snobbish Banks

At the top of the mountain that is northeast of the Snobbish Banks, look south to find the sign near the rocks.


Right on top of the Submarine behind the Cold Sheds, look south to find the sign.

Polar Peak

Right at the top of the castle, just north of Pico Polar, look west to find the sign.

Top of the Volcano

At the top of the Volcano, look south to find the sign. Learn all about Fortnite Season 8 ! See more Fortnite tips and tutorials here! Content edited with the online HTML editor. Please purchase a license code to stop adding similar ads to the edited documents.

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