5 essential tips to do well in the Rocket League!

Rocket League offers a fun mix of cars and football, capable of winning over even the most suspicious players of this combination. But all this fun does not mean that this is an easy game to master, it can be very challenging for beginners. Get to know 5 essential tips to do well in Rocket League !

1. Don't run after the ball without thinking first

We know how much players love to chase the ball and try to quickly score a goal. But this is not the best way to win the game. Before thinking about scoring goals, just watch the game for a while, understanding how you can be more useful to your team. Follow the movement of the ball in the game and try to get ahead of your opponents, thinking strategically before running away . This can mean several types of approaches:
  • At the start of the game, if you are not close to the ball, do not run after it. This is a job for the player who is closest to the ball. Use this time to step back and keep your eyes on the game , being ready to position yourself quickly where needed;
  • If you can catch the ball, take it easy and think if it is better to go straight to the mark or make a pass to a player on your team;
  • Are you alone in defense? So don't go flying towards the ball. The opponent will take advantage of this mistake to use his desperation against you (and nobody likes to take a hat, will they?) Wait for the ball to reach your area and you will have more chances to defend successfully.

2. Customize your visibility and control

In a game where it is essential not to miss the target, it is easy to understand why the settings of the camera and controls are so important. There are several settings that can help players in the game: from reducing the distance from the camera to the ball being bigger on the screen, customizing the controls to be more intuitive or using the camera that best suits your situation. There are several examples of what you can do outside of the default configuration and we recommend that you try out various settings in Free Play mode. One of the most popular choices among Rocket League professionals is the use of a free camera , something that gives a completely different view of the match. For those who want freedom of movement and study the game widely , the free camera is essential. But that does not mean that it is not useful to use the ball camera at certain times, such as when you find the ball.

3. Know how to use nitro and when to pick up turbo charges

Nitro is one of the most important components in Rocket League , often being the difference between defeat or victory in the game. Nitro management is something that all players need to be aware of and it is good to remember that it is not worth spending it without having a strategy . Whether you want to attack quickly with the ball or save your area at the last second, it is vital that there is a reason to spend nitro. Try to maintain a stable level of nitro throughout the game, picking up turbo charges only in the quietest moments.

4. The best defense can be the attack

Rocket League is not a game that encourages players to attack, but this component exists and can be successfully exploited. If the opposing team is stealing the ball, why not directly attack his car? With a very accurate attack, you can even blow up your opponent's car and force him to restart in his area . But one of the best times to attack is when you know you're not going to hit the ball in time for your opponent to catch it. He can even get there first, but you can play against him and steal the ball.

5. The power to skid

Skidding (in the original called the powerslide ) can be a saving move when it comes to stopping an opponent's goal or kicking the ball precisely. With the skid button, you can turn around much faster than you would with a normal turn, reorienting the car however you want. Try this function in the game and you will quickly understand why it is one of the most important functions to learn. Using skidding, your car turns much faster, more accurately and it is much easier to orient the vehicle's nose to the ball. The online jsBeautifier is a free online program that is worth bookmarking.

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