Tracer is a fast character and, therefore, should not be played with hesitation. If you feel like you have good reflexes and enough dexterity to read the battle, then Tracer can be a lot of fun to play. With Tracer, you will be of great use to the team. Check out this guide to get to know this character better and learn to combine her skills.



Lena Oxton, known for her excellent flying skills, was chosen by Overwatch to test the prototype of a teleporter fighter. But the experience went wrong when the plane's teleportation matrix suffered a defect that made it disappear, taking Lena along. Months later, the aviator reappeared, but its molecules had been out of sync by the temporal flow. This caused her to suffer a chronological disfellowshipping that made her disappear for hours on end. Wiston, a scientist at Overwatch, then created a chronological accelerator capable of keeping Lena anchored in the present and also allowing her to speed up and slow down time at will. With this new power, Lena, codenamed Tracer, became an indispensable agent of Overwatch.


  • Great mobility and speed;
  • High damage on single targets;
  • Strong against slow heroes;
  • Viable in both defense and attack maps.


  • You can easily die if you fail to use Recall and Teleport;
  • Very fragile and with few life points;
  • It is not efficient attacking the medium or long distance.

Lightning Tips

  • Use Teleport only according to your needs. Do not use all 3 refills if you only need one or two. Much less if it is not in the context of battle.
  • Use Recall to heal yourself in battle and gain an advantage over your opponent.
  • Do not hesitate to fire as your weapon reloads very quickly.
  • Your Electromagnetic Bomb can do up to 400 points of damage, so you can use it to eliminate specific characters or Towers and Teleporters.
  • If a big battle is going on, try to always stay on the fringes and never in the center of the action. Just venture out by teleporting, dropping your Electromagnetic Bomb in the middle of enemies, and teleporting again to escape.
  • Always keep Memories ready if an opposing Roadhog walks nearby. Hook Chain is a great danger against Tracer.
  • If you see that a supporting character from the enemy team has died, wait for him on the way between the resurrection point and the battle to constantly slow him down.


The possibility of using Teleport allows Tracer to run across the map at the speed of light, unload his weapon on an opponent and escape in the blink of an eye. And it is this possibility of mobility that defines Tracer as a unique character in Overwatch . Its strength lies in the fact that it manages to disorient the enemy, entering and exiting combat constantly. Along with Genji, Sombra and Reaper, Tracer is the ideal character to overcome the defensive lines of the opposite team and flank his opponents . Use this possibility to eliminate opposing defenses and turn the game over to your team.


The main objective of the player who catches Tracer is to be constantly disorienting the heroes of the opposite team, especially those with a support function. This can be a little difficult if they have good coordination between supports and tanks, or if the map is especially confined. In such cases, you will have to think better when using your Teleport and Recall skills. Go through rooftops or other detours to place yourself behind the enemy's combat line and get the weakest elements that are most isolated. You also have to know your limitations. In fact, Tracer is excellent for one-on-one encounters, but dies very quickly in group matches. Never put yourself in the center of the battle, always trying to flank enemy defenses . Since Tracer is extremely vulnerable, with only 150 hit points, never engage in combat unless you have your skills available. Be especially careful with Soldier: 76, Reaper, Roadhog and Zarya , as they are especially difficult for Tracer. These heroes, in addition to being a little more resilient and causing a lot of damage, have access to skills that remove their mobility.


Electromagnetic Pistols

Tracer's Electromagnetic Pistols are your primary source of damage. They are as fast as the character itself. They only take a second to discharge their ammunition at the enemy, dealing substantial damage if they are close enough. And it only takes another second to reload. You must take advantage of your mobility to get as close as possible to your opponent , as pistols are only really effective close to the target. But there are two situations in which it is feasible to shoot from a distance. First, to destroy Sentinel Towers, which only have 1 life. Or else to distract Widowmaker. You know that from a distance you will not be able to eliminate it, but perhaps it will be enough to force you to change your position, thus stopping attacking your teammates.


Teleporting is the skill that defines Tracer. By using this power, you travel a small distance in the direction you are moving. The distance from Teleport is reasonable, but works only horizontally. This means that you cannot use this power to jump or pass walls or other obstacles . Teleporting is used in three important situations for Tracer's gameplay. You must use this ability to position yourself. In that sense, Teleporting will help Tracer move quickly and go unnoticed. It is essential to approach enemies from behind or to cross open field without taking damage from snipers or other defenses. You must also use Teleport to avoid taking damage. Always have a load ready for when you need to escape to a safe place. In addition, always use the ability to become unpredictable in battle , so the opponent is unable to hit you. Finally, Teleporting allows you to cross chasms. It will not be possible to jump over them, but it manages to cross them horizontally and thus appear in unexpected places for the enemy team.


Recall is a skill that needs training to get it right at the right time to use it. When you activate this ability, Tracer will go back in time, restoring the location, life and ammunition that it had three seconds before. The reloading of your Teleport and the Armor and Shield Implements you have taken from other players will not be affected. The main objective of Remembrance is to remove Tracer from dangerous situations , therefore, its use must be reactive. During prolonged duels, you can also use this ability to restore your life, thus gaining an advantage over your enemy.

Electromagnetic Pump

You will want to drop this bomb in areas where enemies are close to each other , such as when they are in the safety of a protective shield. You just have to use Teleport to drop the bomb and escape in time to see the rival team detonate. The Electromagnetic Bomb detonates two seconds after being launched and can cause up to 400 points of damage, which is enough to eliminate tanks. The bomb can fall on the ground or stick to an opponent , which is recommended. Thus, the chances of the target escaping are very slim. Electromagnetic bomb is a very good ability to use together with Zarya's Gravitons Outbreak, or Mei's Blizzard.

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