The mechanics of Cosmos is one of the most interesting and complex in Saint Seiya: Awakening. Through it you can customize your characters in such specific ways that hardly two players will have identical knights. Check out everything you need to know about the cosmos in Saint Seiya: Awakening!

What are Cosmos?

The Cosmos of Saint Seiya: Awakening function as the rune system present in several RPG games. They are types of equipment that you equip outside the combat to improve your knights in very specific ways. There are four groups of Cosmos: Solar, Lunar, Star and Legendary. Each group focuses more on certain attributes, whether offensive or defensive. Within each of them, there are numerous different types of Cosmos, with randomly generated bonuses and combinations. The Cosmos function is unlocked at level 21. As soon as you reach the level, click on the “Growth” button in the main menu and the “Cosmo” option will be available. There you can manage which Cosmos will be equipped in which Knights, combine, refine and refine Cosmos, etc. Each rider has 12 slots to equip Cosmos. This number increases by 1 slot for each time the knight is reborn. The maximum number of slots is 14. 7 crucial tips for beginners in Saint Seiya: Awakening! How to Summon S Rank Knights in Saint Seiya: Awakening!

How to get Cosmos?

The best way to obtain Cosmos is to drop from Titans. They usually provide a very high number of Cosmos, and vary in type throughout the week. You can also get Cosmos in Training or by shopping at the Market.

Types of Cosmos

There are four categories of Cosmos in Saint Seiya Awakening: Solar, Lunar, Star and Legendary. Each group has its own Cosmos that affect specific attributes. Before checking the tables below, keep in mind that: Basic attributes : these are the attributes that will always be affected by a specific Cosmos. For example, the Eagle Eye Cosmo will always give you Cosmic Attack and Cosmic Damage bonuses. The value at which these attributes will be affected can vary in a number of ways. Thus, it is possible that you have 3 Eagle Eye Cosmos and each one offers different values in these basic attributes. Set effect : is the effect received when you combine three identical Cosmos. It is one of the ways in which the game makes use of repeated Cosmos.

Solar Cosmos

Cosmos Basic attributes Set effect
Stone C. Cosmic Attack Cosmic Defense Cosmic Attack + 10%
Eagle Eye Cosmic Attack Cosmic Damage Health Points + 10%
Flame Thrower Physical Attack Critical Physical Effect Health Points + 10%
Stone F. Physical Attack Physical Defense Physical Attack + 10%
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Lunar Cosmos

Cosmos Basic attributes Set effect
Blooming Cosmic Defense Health points Health Points + 10%
Double DEF Physical Defense Cosmic Defense Health Points + 10%
Seiya Health points Hit Health Points + 10%
Tenacity Physical Defense Health points Health Points + 10%

Cosmo Star

Cosmos Basic attributes Set effect
Healing Book Cosmic Attack Cure Health Points + 10%
Letter Status Adjustment RES Status Health Points + 10%
New Moon Physical Defense velocity Speed +20
Loyalty Physical Critical Level Health Points + 10%

Legendary Cosmos

Cosmos Basic attributes Special effect
Narcissus Health points Increases physical attack by 1% for every 1% of HP lost
Hyacinth Physical Defense Cosmic Defense When attacking, reduces the target's physical attack and cosmic attack by 10% for 2 rounds (stacks up to 5 times)
Giant King Health points Increases damage by 60% against units with HP below 40%
Mandala velocity Reduces damage taken by 15%
Farm Health points Has a 50% chance to gain 1 extra energy when attacking

How to improve your Cosmos

There are two ways to improve your Cosmos in Saint Seiya: Awakening: strengthening and improving.

Strengthening Cosmos

Strengthening Cosmos is one of two ways to increase the bonuses offered by your Cosmos. To do this, just click on the desired Cosmo in the menu and the "Perfect" option will appear. To strengthen a Cosmo, you need to use the same Cosmos as "food" for what you want to upgrade. The more Cosmos sacrificed, the greater the bonus on basic attributes. In addition, strengthened Cosmos have a small chance of generating an extra sub-attribute. This sub-attribute is guaranteed whenever you raise a Cosmo to levels 4 and 8.

Refining Cosmos

Cosmo refinement is another way to improve your knights and is unlocked at level 25. Refinement does not increase bonuses or change type, but only changes randomly generated values. Thus, whenever you refine a Cosmo, you will have access to a range of available value options and will be able to choose which is the most useful at the moment. Basically, refinement is just a way to control the randomness of the bonuses received, which makes all the difference at the most advanced levels of the game. When refining, you have the option to lock one attribute so that only the others are changed. Use the online WYSIWYG HTML Editor to compose the content for your website easily.

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