Darryl is a super rare Brawler with tank characteristics and still capable of causing absurdly high damage depending on his position. Its main differential is its Super that recharges over time without the need to cause damage to opponents. Check out everything you need to know to play Darryl well!

Characteristics of Darryl's skills

Double Dose : Darryl uses his shotguns to make short-range shots. The trajectory forms a cone as the bullets spread. The closer you are to your opponent Darryl, the more bullets you hit and the greater the damage. In the shortest possible distance, the total damage is absurdly high and is capable of killing even Brawlers tanks. (Super) Spinning Top : Darryl rolls in the desired direction gaining a movement speed bonus. If Darryl touches an obstacle while rolling, he will change trajectory until the duration of the Super ends. This skill is what makes Darryl so powerful. In addition to Super reloading normally as Darryl deals damage, he also reloads himself over time regardless of whether you did damage or not (the only skill in the game that does this). In total, the Super recharges in 30 seconds if you don't do any damage. That way, Darryl almost always has his Super ready to use. This ability coupled with double shots at close range makes Darryl a real killer. Just roll onto your target and unload the ammo. If you stop at the correct distance (right on top of your opponent), you will deal maximum damage that is enough to kill most Brawlers. (Star Power) Iron Drum : Causes Darry to take 40% less damage for 3.5 seconds when using his Super.

Attributes of Darryl

Level HP Bullet damage Super damage
1 4,200 280 400
2 4,410 294 420
3 4,620 308 440
4 4,830 322 460
5 5,040 336 480
6 5,250 350 500
7 5,460 364 520
8 5,670 378 540
9 and 10 5,880 392 560
Recharge time 1.8
Reach 5.67

Darryl's playing tips

  • All of Darryl's gameplay revolves around his Super. Wait for it to be ready and use it to enter opponents and execute them with your shots.
  • Be minimally patient and only start fighting through Super. Darryl is nothing without him.
  • Stay pokeando to accelerate the bar of the Super.
  • Even though he is a Brawler tank, Darryl has a great movement speed. Use this to your advantage to facilitate pokes.
  • Using Super with autofire makes Darryl stop right on top of opponents. Use this against standing opponents.
  • Darryl's Super is an extremely good offensive option, but it can also be used to escape difficult situations. Don't be sorry to use it as it recharges quickly.
  • Darryl's Super gets more range if used over water.
  • Touching walls during the Super makes Darryl touch trajectory. If an opponent is in the way, he can receive more than 1 hit.
  • Darryl is a good Brawler in every way, but the best option is, by far, Rob. In this mode you can reach the vault very easily and unload your ammunition to do insane damage.
  • In Pique-Gem, Darryl can be the gem carrier but the best one is to leave him free to hunt the opposing gem carrier.

How to play against Darryl

Some tips for countering Darryl are:
  • It is extremely difficult to escape Darryl's Super, but if you are playing with long-range characters, keep the maximum distance to attack and stay back. If you do it right, Darryl won't be on top of you when using the Super. The margin of error is very small.
  • Bull counters Darryl due to his high HP and his strong damage at close range.
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