Overwatch: essential guide for Shadow, the hack master!

Shadow is in the category of the offensive heroes of Overwatch and its gameplay has some similarities with Tracer. However, her damage done ends up being less, functioning more like an opportunistic assassin and nullifying opponents. To learn how to play with Shadow, check out this guide with the fundamental characteristics of the character.



Shadow, one of the children who was orphaned during the Omnic Crisis, learned to survive with his skills as a hacker . She was welcomed by the Mexican gang Los Muertos, and helped the group in its revolution, until the discovery of a conspiracy compromised its security and identity . Shadow hid for a while, resurfacing more experienced and determined to find out everything about what happened. Sombra works with the terrorist organization Talon and contributes to massive cyber attacks against government corporations. Shadow can now focus on his goal of exposing the conspiracy that had compromised his true identity.


  • Shadow is the perfect heroine to flank enemy defenses;
  • Deals great damage to opponents;
  • Disables medical kits, preventing enemy players from healing;
  • Shadow manages to disable the opposing heroes' abilities.


  • Shadow dies quickly, due to its low resistance to damage;
  • Its attack distance is short, which implies approaching enemies;
  • She is a heroine who works better individually than in a team.

Lightning Tips

  • Her passive ability allows her to see enemies with less than half their health through walls. Use this advantage to coordinate your team.
  • While invisible, Shadow cannot be attacked by Torres. In addition, allies' healings do not reveal their location.
  • Use Hack to disable medical kits, thus preventing your enemies from healing at crucial moments.
  • Don't forget that you can escape Zarya's Gravitons Outbreak using your Translocator.
  • Do not use Hack at random. Give priority to disable Reinhardt's Barrier Field, Tracer's Teleport, D.Va's Defense Matrix and Winston's Jet Jump.


There are two sides to Shadow: the disruptive side and the offensive side. Regarding its disruptive strength, Sombra has the ability to Hack, which allows her to nullify the powers of the opposing heroes and interfere with the medical kits that are scattered around the map. That is, not only is the enemy team prevented from using the objects, but they will also reappear more quickly. Regarding its offensive part, Sombra has skills that improve his mobility . With Translocator and Stealth, Shadow becomes very difficult to catch by opponents. However, this agility is balanced with less damage done.


Shadow's stealth and debilitating attacks make it a perfect infiltrator. One of the most useful tactics is to get unnoticed in enemy defenses and eliminate targets quickly, before escaping with your Translocator. So, you can get one or two deaths without putting yourself at too much risk. Shadow is extremely flexible in combat, but there are easier and more difficult heroes for her to fight. Being especially strong against Torbjorn, Reinhardt and Zarya. With Junkrat Winston and Widowmaker you need to be more careful.


Automatic Pistol

This weapon is the only way for Shadow to damage opponent players. It needs to be close to its targets to be able to deal significant damage, as the weapon is not effective over medium or long distances . In fact, the Automatic Shadow Pistol looks a lot like Tracer weapons, however, the Shadow Pistol can carry a larger number of ammunition. Thus, you can use it effectively by dumping the entire cartridge on your target, thus increasing the chances of killing your enemy.


This ability can be used on your enemies or in medical kits. Targeted at other players, Hacking suppresses your skills for a while. It can even break abilities that are currently being activated, for example, Call Mecha D.Va. Regarding medical kits, when they are the target of Hacking, they will reappear faster and are only visible to your team. It is essential to have a good knowledge of the map, so you can control the medical kits near the places of greatest battle .


Stealth is very useful for you to quickly return to the center of a battle or to reach a specific position without attracting the attention of other players. That is, this camouflage will allow Shadow to set up ambushes and flank enemies in a deadly way. You can also use this ability as an escape mechanism, although this is not the most effective way to do so. Use Stealth for this purpose only if your Translocator is reloading. It is important not to forget that, although invisible, you are not invulnerable . So don't run out into the middle of the battlefield with bullets flying all over the place, because if hit, Shadow will reappear.


This object allows you to return to the place where you left it, preferably in a safe position. If you are in danger simply use the Translocator to gain the chance to recover your life and rethink your strategy. The ideal place to place this object is close to a medical kit , so you can heal immediately when using it.


This ability is very important, because with it you can disable the main skills of the opposing heroes . If you can use PEM at the right time, you may even be able to turn the game around, which is very useful during defense or in a final assault during the attack. This document has been composed with the free HTML converter. Click here to give it a try.

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