Traps and tips Need For Speed PC

Here we show you a series of aids and tips to take advantage of the best performance of your vehicle in this car game where you can practically customize everything, and since some things can be somewhat tedious we teach you how to get the most out of your machine.


In this section we focus on the technical characteristics of the car, since the exterior is your thing, you choose how you want it to look, but what matters is the interior as every good driver knows, so let's not waste any more time and go to the mess.

Brake Assist:

This is simple if we activate this action it will cost us almost nothing to skid when braking, since when braking in any curve we will skid, but if we have it deactivated it will be more difficult to skid our car.

Stability Assistance:

Well my advice is to have this option activated since it will give us a better handling of the vehicle when skidding, but if we are true driving professionals we can try to deactivate it and we will see how difficult it is to pilot our machine when it starts to skid.

Tire traction:

In this, each player must adapt it to his driving, since it serves to cost more or less skidding, more traction will cost us more to skid, and if we lower the traction he will skid in a simpler way.

Hand brake:

If we increase the force, it will be easier for us to make 180 degree turns, for example, while if we put it lighter, it can be used to skid or chain them.

Wheel Pressure:

It serves to increase or decrease the grip of the car, if for example we want the car to skid a little more than normal, we will lower the grip of the rear wheels so that the car skids more easily in the curves, if on the contrary we want not skidding will increase the grip on the rear wheels and lower the pressure a bit to the front.

Address Response:

If we have the quick direction response we will take a faster, more sensitive and reactive direction, ideal if we like to skid in the curves, while if we put it somewhat slower, it will make the car more stable and easier to control and will not skid with the same ease.

Address Range:

If we increase the range we will be able to withstand a good skid for longer and deeper, on the other hand if the steering range is smaller it will lower the lateral sliding of our car which means a shorter skid.

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