AP: To get a lot of AP every time you want (but only after having fought with Seymour for the first time), you must go back to the temple of Macalania and fight against Gaudo. After defeating it for the first time this method is very advantageous. Legendary weapons: Use the Mirror of the 7 stars to get them. Passwords of the flying ship: You can enter some hidden places using the imput control keys of the flying ship. Key 1: GODHAND Key 2: VICTORIOUS Key 3: MURASME Chocobo control: To make your Chocobo easier to direct, press and hold: +++ Albhed Dictionaries: 01.- Boat Zalvage Albhed. 02.- Besaid people. Legion shelter. 03.- Ferry Liki: Propulsion room. 04.- Kilika. Tavern. 05.- SS Winno. Bridge. 06.- Stadium of Luca Sotano B. 07.- Auditorium of Luca. Reception. 08.- Way of Mi'ihen. 09.- Way of Mi'ihen. Nuevo Canimo, north. 10.- Path of the Rocks Fungus. 11.- Djose Road. 12.- Rio de Luna. 13.- Guadosalam. House. 14.- Plain of Lightning Agency (tell Rin that the study is going well). 15.- Macalania Forest. 16.- Macalania Lake. 17.- Sanubia Desert. 18.- Sanubia Desert. 19.- Base of the Albhed. 20.- Base of the Albhed. Rooms. 21.- Base of the Albhed. Main hallway. 22.- Bevelle Temple (you must take it right after the wedding). 23.- Plain of the Calm. 24.- Temple of Remiem (near Chocobo). 25.- Plain of the Calm. 26.- Omega ruins. Black Eons: If after facing the Artema and Omega Entities, you have learned little about the fighting, only in the FFX edition, you have enemies that have not been seen in other countries. These are the Black Eons, which will appear to punish the traitor Yuna in different places of Spira and are in these places: Anima: Repeat the test of the ball between the shields and go outside. You will find it there. Bahamut: Where you fought with Yunalesca. Magnus Sisters: On the way of Miihen they will insult Yuna. When they see you there will be no escape. Ifrit: Entrance of the home of the Albhed. At the entrance you will see a Bedouin who will tell you that his son has lost. When you find it ... go son! Ixion: Plain of the rays. Talk to a soldier near the lightning rod north of the Rhine shop. Shiva: You can find her at the entrance to the temple of Macalania. Valefor: Besaid as soon as you enter will receive the temple monk not to welcome you. Yojimbo: In the speaker's cave teleport to the end and move on if you can. Faster team: Keep your three characters selected faster while exploring, so that, if they attack, you can go against it as soon as possible. As the battle progresses change your characters. Jecht Spheres: Search the various Jecht Spheres that are scattered throughout the world. Some will give Auron a new Turbo. You must find ten o'clock to get Auron's final turbo. 1.- You will obtain it automatically when you destroy the amorphous sphere. 2.- In Pueblo Besaid, to the right of the temple. 3.- On board of Liki. 4.- In the State of Luca, in the Basement A of the Auroch dressing room. 5.- On the road to Mi'ihen, to the south. 6.- Path of the mushroom rocks, near the elevator. 7.- Rio de la Luna. 8.- South of the Macalania forest. 9.- Monte Gagazet. 10.- Entrance / road to the plain of the Rays, when two men tell you to see Seymour. Dodge the rays: If you can dodge the rays of the iden plain several times in a row you will get the following items: 5 times: Two potions X 10 times: Two megapotions. 20 times: Two spheres PM. 50 times: Three spheres of force. 100 times: Three PH spheres. 150 times: Four megaelixirs 200 Venus Sigil. Faster group: Put your three fastest characters in your combat group to get the first hit each time. Then you can replace them with the slower characters. Location of the Jecht spheres: In the Macalania Forest, defeating the Amorphous Sphere. In the Macalania Forest, after the love scene, on the left path. On the road to Mount Gagazet, towards the North. To the south, on the old road of Miihen. In the southern area of the Plain of Lightning, next to one of the lightning rods on the right. In Besaid to the right of the Temple. At the command post of the Liki Ferry. In the locker room of the State of Luca. On the Path of the Mushroom Rocks. On the South Bank of the Rio de la Luna. Location of Albhed dictionaries: 1: On the ground of the Zalvage ship of the albhed, near the point of saving. 2: On the floor of the Legion Hostel in Besaid, near the entrance. 3: On the floor of the Propulsion Room of the Liki Ferry. 4: At the counter of Kilika's bar. 5: On the floor of the Winno Ferry Command Post. 6: On the floor of the Luca Goers locker room, on the floor behind a player. 7: On the floor of the Auditorium in Luca. 8: Albhed Rin will tell you in his shop. 9: Shelinda will fall to the chocobo aer. 10: On the ground of the Path of the Rocks Hongo, on one of the roads on the left before a Yevon platform. 11: On the floor of Djose's path, to the right behind a large stone pillar. 12: In the North Shupaf, climbing the ramp. 13: On the floor of one of the rooms of Guadosalam. 14: Rin gives it to you in the Plain of Lightning if you answer that you are doing well in studies. 15: In the forest of Macalania, in front of Oaka. 16: To the left of the door of the Macalania lake shop. 17: On the left path, in the Sanubia Desert. 18: On the road on the right in the Sanubia Desert. 19: At the Albhed Home, to the left of the save point. 20: Albhed home, in the room to the left of the main hall. 21: Albhed home, from the fork in the road on the right. 22: On the bridge before entering the Bevelle test enclosure. 23: In the corner of the left, to the north, of the Plain of the Calm. 24: To the left of the Remiem Temple, without entering. 25: In the cave of the Stolen Speaker. 26: On one of the roads of the Omega Ruins. Locate the cactuar: Oasis: Near the first point of saving. Oasis: Teleports you back. Sanubia Desert: Return to the statue of the Cactuar and the last one will appear behind you. Central Sanubia Desert: Near the ruins to the west, two Cactuars run through the desert. Desert Sanubia central: Within one of the sand swirls. You must go out and reenter the area. Sanubia Desert East: In the hollow that is east, north of the post with the point of saving. Desert Sanubia Oeste: Look for the sign near the rock that says 20%. Desert Sanubia West: In the treasure chest. Hidden places: There are some areas chosen on the world map. You can find them only by selecting the specific coordinates on board the flying ship. Move the pointer over the selected coordinates and press. Here is the list: Baaj Temple: x = 11-16 y = 57-63 Sanubia Dune: x = 12-16 y = 41-45 Besaid waterfall: x = 29-32 y = 73-76 Mi´ihen Ruins: x = 33-36 y = 55-60 Battlefield: x = 39-43 y = 55-60 Omega Ruins: x = 69-75 y = 33-38 Chocobos handling easier: Press and hold + + + to make it easier for you to drive to Chocobo. Potions: While on SSLiki, go to the lowest bridge and enter the first door on the left. In the room there should be a Carmelite box on the floor. Give him 15 kicks and you'll get 15 potions. Free potions: In the boat at the beginning of the game, after Yuna joins your group, return to the ship. Go to the stairs. On the left there is a room where there is a dizzy sailor and another talking. There is also a suitcase similar to Yuna's. If you hold down, Tidus kicks the suitcase and you get a potion, repeat the process up to 15 times. Return to the title screen: Press+++++during the game. All overdrives: Auron: Masamune: Find all the spheres of Jecht. Some will give you a new Overdrive. You must find them all before finding the last one. Kimari: Longinus: Use the RYUKEN command to absorb the HP and MP of the enemies. If the enemy has a blue magic ability, Kimari will automatically learn you. The SUNSHINE Overdrive is the most difficult to win since it must be stolen from Omega Weapon. Lulu: Onion Knight: Make turns with the right analog stick. The number increases depending on the number of laps given. Rikku: Hand of God: Rikku's Overdrives consist of combining objects to create special and powerful attacks during the fighting. Two random objects must be chosen to combine them. Tidus: Caladbolg: Just run them as many times as possible. After a while Tidus will move on to a higher Overdrive. Wakka: World Champion: New Overdrives can be won by playing Blitzball. Yuna: Nirvana: Capture the nine types of monster in the region of the Calm plain. When you have them all, talk to the training owner again. He will give you a treasure chest containing the weapon. Extra potions: When you are in the boat at the beginning of the game, after Yuna joins the group, I headed for the stairs to the left of the hallway there is a door that leads to a room where there is a sailor and a guy talking about clothes, there There is a suitcase similar to that of Yuna, Hold downfor Tidus to start kicking the suitcase and get about 15 potions.

A surprise trick: In the battle against Seymour Beta and the Spectral Entity on Mount Gagazet, if you take Yojimbo and lu invoke having Yuna with the turbo and you pay 7777 guiles to the summon, Yojimbo does Ultra-fencing and charges him with a just hitMore about Yojimbo: If you have Auron in a fight, Yuna and Typhus in this order and Auron and Tidus are in a state of madness, invoke Yojimbo with Yuna but without wasting the turbo. Yojimbo will leave and apart from that he will not ask you for money, he will attack several times in a row at the enemies, Try a training on Mount Gagazet and sometimes it works against the bosses, Try it. Use the online Table styler for creating grid layout on websites because the traditional HTML tables are outdated and not responsive.

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