PES 2016 cheats (PES 16) for PS4, XBOne and PS3

Below we show you a series of tricks, tips, and good dribbling of PES 2016 for PlayStation 4. The new game in the Pro Evolutions Soccer saga with incredible improvements, better ball handling response times of improved players, changing climates in Halfway through the game, a game that will definitely hook you if you are a high level footballer.

Special movements:

Raise ball: Make a complete circle with the right Joystick. Step the ball back: With the player stopped, press + direction back. Elastic: Press 3 times quickly or well . Few players can complete this dribble well, such as Ronaldiniho, Ronaldo, Ibrahimovic, C. Ronaldo, etc. Let the ball pass between the legs: When the ball is going to arrive press . Let the ball pass and run towards it: When the ball is going to arrive press + move in the direction where the ball goes. Get ahead of the ball to shoot: While standing, press + . Shot placed: Press quickly just after taking the shot. Shot with effect: We must press + shot button, this must be done with the player running through the band as far away as possible, and we must do it with the good leg of each player, and only a few can do it like, Del Piero, Henry , Rooney, Pires and Cassano. Search for the foul (Throwing into the pool): so that our player searches for the foul and falls to the ground we must press L3 and R3 +  , we must do it just when an opponent is very close to us. To advance giving touches: To advance giving touches without the ball touching the ground, we press R3 when we pass the ball and without stopping pressing it and then we move with the L3. Try the professional online HTML editor

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