There are 18 Marvel Future Fight characters who can reach the maximum level (70) increasing their potential, but only five can access the much coveted Category 3. Check this list for the improvements obtained by superheroes and the advantages they bring to combat. We guarantee that your team will get even more powerful with any of these heroes in Category 3.

Iron Man

Iron Man improves his taxes considerably in Category 3. He becomes the best Energy character and his supreme ability is very impressive. The Breakout Party Protocol stuns enemies for a few seconds and increases energy attacks by more than 200%.


Thor greatly improves his skills in Category 3. He was already a powerful character in Category 2 and, thanks to the third category, he gains an excellent supreme ability. With the Thunder strike, thunder damage rises up to 70% and Thor is invulnerable for five seconds.

Spider man

Spiderman improves a lot in the second category. But in Category 3, the superhero increases the strength of his attacks by more than 200% and his dodge power increases by 50%. He's not untouchable like Ant Man, but his cobwebs can paralyze and stun enemies for longer.

Ant Man

Ant Man is one of the latest additions to heroes that evolve into Category 3. In Category 2, the character is untouchable, but at the maximum level, he not only increases his ability to dodge but also gains temporary invincibility for 10 seconds . Activating their supreme ability, enemies lose 30% of their speed, defense drops by 30% and increases the chances of them being stunned for longer.

captain America

Captain America is a constant presence in our articles on Marvel Future Fight and this would be no exception. Captain America's physical attack rises considerably, knocking out enemies with just one attack. With Category 3 unlocked, he gains a supreme ability, Heroic Charge, which raises the attack by 100% and nullifies any of the enemy's special attributes.

How to reach Category 3

Category 3 had its debut in the update 4.0 of Marvel Future Fight and is another challenging stage for more advanced players. There are many characters that can evolve into Category 2, but at the moment, only a limited number of characters can evolve into Category 3. Category 3 duplicates the attributes obtained in Category 2 / Advanced Level and unlocks very powerful abilities, whether passive or active. They can also reach the maximum level of the game, that is, level 70. It is important to realize that to access Category 3, you must first meet all the requirements of Category 2. After that, the following steps are necessary to unlock the third category:
  • The character must evolve into Category 2;
  • The character must be at the maximum level of Category 2, that is, at level 60;
  • All equipment of the character must be at level +20;
  • Beat supreme world bosses to achieve 100% potential;
You will also need the following materials:
  • 10,000 0000 gold coins;
  • 5 564 pieces of Antimatter;
  • 1 002 fragments of the cosmic cube;
  • 4 062 pieces of Dimensional Dust
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