A very important part of the Last Shelter: Survival experience is to obtain Heroes and evolve them. These special characters are of great help in moments of defense, although it is in the offensive movements that they stand out. In addition, the Heroes in this game have passive and active abilities that can provide great upgrades for your base. In order for you to learn how to use them correctly, we have created a comprehensive guide with tips on the types of Heroes, how to obtain them and how to evolve them to the maximum level. Check out!

Types of Heroes

First of all, you need to understand that there are two types of Heroes in Last Shelter: Survival . We could situate one type as more defensive, while the other is focused on its offensive power. The defensive could be called a Development Hero, that is: he contributes effectively in improving his production of resources, as well as in the general structure of his buildings. The second type is the Combat Hero. As its name suggests, all Heroes belonging to this group are placed in their troops, in addition to increasing the space for soldiers within the troops. They help to improve endurance, power and the amount of damage done by your armies, in addition to providing other benefits. Keeping this in mind is critical before acquiring a particular hero. The combatants will not interfere in any way in the evolution of your base, just as those who help in the camp will have no effect in combat.

Heroes Rarity and skills

In Last Shelter the Heroes are further divided into colors. The coloring indicates the rarity of the character. There are four colors available, green being the most common and orange being the rarest. Each also offers a certain number of skills that the characters can have. See below:
  • Green heroes: 3 skills
  • Blue colored heroes: 4 skills
  • Purple colored heroes: 6 skills
  • Orange heroes: 8 skills
The orange Heroes are the best in the game. All are equivalent, so it is not possible to say that there is a superior among them. Within this level of rarity it is still possible to obtain Heroes S1 and S2, which are available for a limited time. Regardless of which character at this level to choose, know that it is quite difficult and very time consuming to obtain it. Still, we bring down some of the best heroes from Last Shelter . In the table below, of course, you will find only orange characters. Pay attention to each Hero’s main combat skills and to each’s effective range.
Heroes Combat skills Effective reach Troops you lead
Adande The War Hound Open Fire 3 Any of them
Pounce 2
Loom 3
Bart The Professional Precision Shot 4 Shooters
No Escape 5
Wild Hunt 5
Dawn Guardian: An'Nuo Pulse Canon 5 Any of them
AP Round 5
Canon Sentry 5
Destroya Artillery Barrage 2 Any of them
Artillery Strike 3
Fire At Will 2
Dragon's Rage: Danny Dragon's Breath 5 Fighters
Dragon's Might 4
Dragon's Rage 5
Reaper Descend 2 Any of them
Sentencing 3
Reap 5
Sergei The Arsenal Ambush 3 Any of them
Artillery Support 3
Flame Hall 3
Shoota Man: Mohauuk Spray n Pray 4 Any of them
Rain of Fire 5
Big Boy 5
The Falcon: Khalid The Revenge 2 Vehicles
Flame of Vengence 2
Iron Cavalries 2
The Forsaken One Rend 2 Any of them
Cut Throat 3
Flurry 2
Uqbah The Courageous The Conqueror 2 Fighters
Warpath 2
Desert Storm 2
War Boss: Chuck Death Metal 4 Vehicles
Onwards 5
Full Throttle 5

Buildings to manage the Heroes

In Last Shelter you have to manage your Heroes. This can be done in different ways, according to your objective, through specific buildings. Each of these constructions interferes with some aspect of the characters. There is one used only to recruit Heroes, while another manages the benefits they provide to their base. See below for each building.

Hall of Heroes

This place is where you will recruit your Heroes. There are at least two ways to do this: using tickets and using Hero fragments. Understand that it is a long process, regardless of the way you choose. If you choose to use tickets , know that you win for free every day. To earn more, complete the daily quest and wait for the eighth chest. To do so, you must have at least 500 activity points, which can only be acquired by completing daily tasks. If you choose Hero fragments, the task gets a little more complicated. You can use tokens to purchase fragments, or you can purchase these pieces directly. Participating in events can also reward you with pieces. Either way, tokens are earned by completing daily challenges. Finally, choosing tickets or fragments, you must exchange them for Heroes in the Salon. With tokens , for example, you can go to the Salon token store and exchange them for fragments of specific Heroes. Always choose the orange ones, which are always the best. The same goes for tickets , since you just have to exchange them too.

military Academy

The Military Academy is important because it is here that you exchange Heroes that you do not use for Wisdom Medals, the Wisdom Medals . The Wisdom Medals serve to raise the level of skills of Heroes or to unlock new skills . Of course, making this exchange costs gambling money . The more that building evolves, the better. The smaller the amount of money needed to exchange Heroes for Medals and the greater the amount of Heroes you can exchange per day.

Management Station

This is one of the most important buildings in the game. This is where you choose a certain Hero to assist in some activity of your base. Let's say there is a Hero who specializes in speeding up the production of a resource. Just select it in this building to help you gain the specific resource you want. Of course, the more this building evolves, the more Heroes you can place at a time to help develop the base.

How to level up Heroes

As you already know, there are two types of Heroes in Last Shelter: Survival . Raising their levels will require different actions according to each type. Those focused on combat will need to be exposed to fighting, while those who help at the base will need to succeed in developing the camp.

Evolving combat heroes

First place the Hero who wants to evolve as a leader. This can be done in the military building. Send your troops to face zombies. If you get a victory, the character will gain experience. As usual, once you have enough experience, you will level up.

Raising the level of development Heroes

Go to the Management Station and place a Hero, activating his special ability. When you place it, it will be taken to the building that can best take advantage of your skill. Nora, for example, one of the first Heroines you acquire, is placed to increase food production. Using accelerated food production will increase your experience.

Use the medals to evolve the Heroes

We already mentioned the Wisdom Medals . They are very important not to give Heroes experience, but to evolve their skills, whether in battle or in development. There are three types of medals. In addition to Wisdom , there are Courage and Hero . The first two are obtained from daily challenges, events and zombie hunts. The Hero only when you have a duplicate Hero. Remember that the maximum level a Hero can reach is 50.
Level Experience required
2 10
3 50
4 440
5 2,500
6 5,400
7 7,840
8 8,960
9 10,080
10 12,320
11 13,440
12 14,560
13 47,040
14 54,880
15 62,720
16 70,560
17 86,240
18 94; 080
19 101,920
20 109,760
21 235,200
22 329,280
23 470,400
24 611,520
25 705,600
26 893,760
27 957,600
28 1,021,440
29 1,085,280
30 1,149,120
31 1,212,960
32 1,276,800
33 1,404,480
34 1,532,160
35 2,234,400
36 2,460,000
37 2,710,000
38 2,980,000
39 3,280,000
40 3,610,000
41 3,970,000
42 4,370,000
43 4,810,000
44 5,290,000
45 5,820,000
46 6,400,000
47 7,040,000
48 7,740,000
49 8,510,000
50 9,360,000
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