Everyone knows that using tricks and mods makes the experience of playing The Sims much more fun. Although you have hundreds of additions to include in your game, you need to be careful and choose only the best and most stable ones so you don't end up ruining your game. Check out the most fun mods you should try! Attention: mods can cause conflicts with other files. It is important to download them from trusted sites, always save the game before installing them and check the information for possible incompatibilities.

1. Become a wizard

  • Download this mod here .
This mod will take the magic to your game, including a personality trait that turns your Sim into a Wizard. You can even choose what kind of magic you want to use, from dominating the fire to putting other Sims to sleep.

2. New personality traits

  • Download this mod here .
The Sims 4 has several personality traits for you to customize your Sims' behaviors , but there are even more options with this mod. From a trait that will specialize in video games to another that makes it a human-machine hybrid. The options are countless and insane. Check out 5 games like the Sims for weak PC!

3. Build a houseboat

  • Download this mod here .
If you are tired of living on land, this mod will allow you to turn your home into a boat and live on the water. It is true that the decoration space becomes a little more limited, but this will only sharpen your creativity even more.

4. Live in a French village

  • Download this mod here .
With this mod, you have access to a Disney-style French villa . It includes ten individual houses, with different sizes and number of rooms, a castle at the top, hidden gardens, a café and a small river. Check out the best Frozen Mods for The Sims 4 .

5. Try all careers

  • Download this mod here .
This mod will turn all careers into active careers . In other words, you start to go to work with your Sim. All the necessary tasks to move up in the career will be related to the job and, sometimes, you will even receive work from home.

6. New paintings

  • Download this mod here .
After your Sim finishes five paintings, you will begin to see the same images being repeated. With this mod, you can choose the images you want for them to appear in the paintings.

7. Go to a colony on Mars

  • Download this mod here .
With this mod, you can pretend that humans colonized Mars, building small bubble ecosystems , all connected by corridors. There is also a small community garden for when your Sim misses the Earth.

8. Live at the Simpsons' house

  • Download this mod here .
If you've always dreamed of living in the iconic pink house of the Simpsons, then this is your chance! Use this mod to unlock the house for your Sims.

9. Release extreme violence

  • Download this mod here .
Who has never felt a little sadistic about their Sims? With this mod, you can add blood, guts and black humor to your game. Not only can you recreate your favorite horror movies, you can even have your cats and dogs attack any Sim they encounter.

10. Enjoy a little Venice

  • Download this mod here .
With this mod, you can live in a small-scale version of Venice, with beautiful colors and great details. Take this opportunity and make your romantic dream come true.

11. Customize your Sims' height

  • Download this mod here .
In The Sims 4 , you can customize your character in almost anything, but one of the biggest flaws of the game is that it is not possible to change the height of the Sims. With this mod, you can do this and increase the realism of your game.

12. Attend school

  • Download this mod here .
With this mod, you have the option to follow your child or teenager to school. Attend all classes , learn new skills and interact with the class.

How to install the mods

As already mentioned, it is important that you choose mods from safe and reliable sources , as you will install the files on your computer. These are the steps you should follow:
  1. Open the Electronic Arts folder found in your System Documents;
  2. There, you will find a folder called Mods, where you must paste the files you want;
  3. Download desired Mods from trusted sites;
  4. Extract the Zip files you downloaded and place them in the Mods folder mentioned above;
  5. Enter the game and you will find a screen where you must activate the installed Mods.
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