Meet the 10 best monsters in Summoners War

Take this opportunity to get to know the most powerful monsters in Summoners War better. With a squad of over 100 monsters, each with incredible abilities but only the best of the best get to the top. We found for you the top 10 monsters in Summoners War.

1. Eladriel

Eladriel is not the main extras in Summoners War as he is also one of the most powerful monsters in the game. A character like him can be obtained using Mystical Summoning or by asking for a wish in the Temple of Desires. It is a very useful monster because its sword attacks negate the enemies' improvements in combat. It is also an excellent healer who can recover up to 50% energy. Finally, it has the power to resurrect a teammate who has been knocked out. Speaking as a team, learn that Eladriel has very useful leader skills in combat, especially for monsters that have elemental wind properties. Choose only Will's best runes and Blade runes to upgrade his skills.

2. Galleon

This pirate is one of the most powerful monsters in Summoners War. It is not easy to obtain this monster, you will have to use Mystical Summoning, wish in the Temple of Wishing or use a Legendary Scroll but it will be worth it when you have added it to the monster roster. Galleon's attacks are very useful because they reduce the enemy's defense considerably. It also has a special ability that increases the strength of its enemies and can reduce the defense of enemies by up to 75%. And having this pirate as a leader increases the attack speed of monsters on your team by 24%. Equip this pirate with Will, Energy or Focus runes to increase your skills exponentially.

3. Rich

Rica is a special little monster because she herself is a sorceress evoking monsters. It is another character that is not easy to obtain in story mode, so you will have to use the Temple of Desires or use Mystical Summoning to add Rica to your collection. Rica is a great leader, increasing the critical attack rate of the remaining characters by 25%, especially if they have the same elemental properties. Rica's spells are very massive, she summons a giant teddy bear to attack an enemy or summons a toy knight who attacks various enemies. The girl also has a special ability that attacks all enemies three times in a row, reducing their speed and strength. If you want to equip Rica with runes, use Fatal or Blade at the beginning. Also choose runes like Will, Despair or Focus.

4. Grim Reaper

The Grim Reaper is a scary monster that manages to poison or even cause instant death in many opponents. The player can obtain the character through a Mystical Summoning, receive it as a prize for completing a mission in the secret dungeons or completing the main mission in Aiden Grove. The Grim Reaper can have elemental powers of water, wind, fire or darkness and if it is appointed leader of your team, it increases the attack powers of monsters that have the same elements by 30%. Your attack has a considerable chance of knocking out an enemy in just one turn. Do not underestimate his magical powers at all as he manages to poison multiple enemies by causing prolonged continuous damage and can summon up to a devastating meteor shower. We recommend that you equip the Grim Reaper with runes to increase your defenses because this is your only major vulnerability.

5. Pencils

Lapis is a Magic Lady with elemental water powers that the player receives as a reward for completing the main mission on Mt. Siz. It's a really cool character for Summoners War newbies because her attacks can hurt a lot of opponents in combat. Lapis has a range of impressive skills: the sword attacks several enemies, it can play 4 magic bullets and it can also steal the enemies' magic points. If you put Lapis as the leader of your team the attack power of your monsters goes up by 25%, making fighting against tough monsters more accessible. We recommend that you equip Lapis with runes that have the possibility to paralyze or stun them as they can attack multiple opponents each turn.

6. Camilla

Camille is an angelic warrior who, like Eladriel, is powerful and has healing powers. It is a rare character that can be recruited through mystical summoning or a wish in the Temple of Wishes whenever he has the opportunity. The girl has a super-powerful sword that does impressive damage and activates another special ability if the enemy is knocked out. This Seal of Water ability does proportional damage to the monster's HP and slows it down considerably. Camile also has a special ability that allows you to automatically regenerate energy for each shift. If you put Camille as leader, the monsters on your team will increase your chances of inflicting a critical attack on enemies by more than 33%. Violent or Fatal runes are highly recommended.

7. Vagabond

Vagabond is the only monster on our list that lacks the ability to be a leader. However, it is still a mandatory character in your team's squad. Vagabond is one of the first monsters you can summon at the beginning of the game using an unknown scroll. Even if you get a two-star Vagabond, invest time and resources in the character because it will pay off in future battles. The Vagabond has no spells, it only attacks with its giant sword. Vagabond is compatible with all runes, but we prefer the Blade type, for obvious reasons.

8. Zaiross

Dragons are powerful creatures and Zaiross is certainly one of the most feared monsters in Summoners War. It is yet another rare monster that can be obtained by asking for a wish at least once a day in the Temple of Wishing. And with a little luck, you can also get it with Mystical Summoning. Zaiross is good at attacking various enemies thanks to the flames he unleashes. The dragon shoots an arrow of fire to do a lot of damage. Also summon a shower of flame to hurt and cause continuous damage for three consecutive rounds. Your most devastating attack removes any benefit from enemies all during combat and we don't even talk about the damage done. Zaiross is also a good team leader, because the remaining monsters on the team see their strength increase by more than 33%. Become super powerful with Blade, Focus and Rage runes.

9. Aria

The little monster Aria is a super powerful succubus that can be obtained with a Mystical Scroll or by asking for a wish in the Temple of Wishes (trying it doesn't cost). The succubus has some interesting abilities because it can attack enemies that are sleeping without awakening them, slowing down their attacks, delaying their recovery and removing benefits. Even when Aria's attacks are awake, they are very dangerous. Aria as a leader increases the lives of her team members by more than 33%. If you have runes of the type Despair, Will or Fatal, do not hesitate to equip them on this character.

10. Bernard

Bernard is a super powerful griffin and a true master in the elemental powers of the wind. Complete the main quest in the Tamor Desert to include it in your squad or try to get it earlier with a Mystical Summon. Bernand's strength is such that it causes enormous damage to enemies that reduces their defense and attack. It also has a support ability increasing its allies' strength by 33%. Bernand, like so many others on this list, is also a good leader. Because if you have other creatures with wind powers, their strength will increase by 30%. What are the best runes for Bernard? Use the Focus, Swift or Energy type to increase this character's speed and defense.

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