The Dance on Entubado, Scarecrow and Trunk Tent challenge is part of the week 7 challenges set in Chapter 2 of Fortnite. To complete it, you just need to find the three locations above and dance very close to each one. Check out our step by step where to find each of these landmarks!

Challenge overview

On the map above you will find the marking of the three places you need to visit. See the exact location of each one below!

Entubado Location

Entubado is located at coordinate F8 , right behind the mountain with a peak covered with ice, south of the City of the Cordillera. You will find the pipe sculpture next to a wooden hut.

Scarecrow Location

The Scarecrow is located at coordinate E4 , in the southwest region of Fazenda Frenética. You will find hay sculpture near the road and to the right of two trees shown on the map.

Trunk Tent Location

Tenda do Tronco is located at coordinate B4 , at the intermediate point between the Alameda Arborizada and the Litoral Limpido. Arriving from above, you can find the place very easily since the Tent of Trunk is on top of a small hill with several fallen tree trunks. It is also near (and to the south) a small lagoon. Okay, now just use any dance in these places and the challenge will be complete! Click here for more Fortnite tips and tutorials! Try the free CSS tidy up which lets you beautify stylesheets for your websites.

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