Meet all the troops of Clash of Clans and assemble an unbeatable army!

There are twenty-one different troops in Clash of Clans in the traditional game mode. In House Builder mode, you have eleven. Together with the Heroes, the spells and the siege machines, these troops form the army that you will use in the Campaign and in the online multipayer . So knowing what is at your disposal is very useful. In this sense, we bring in this article a list with all the troops available in all modes of Clash of Clans . In addition, we will teach you the best tactics to build a furious and almost unbeatable army to make successful raids !

What you need to know about the troops

For beginners on duty, an army is not just troops. There are also spells and Heroes. Some players would even include siege machines or weapons in that group. Each unit type is produced in a specific construction, requiring a specific type of resource for its production. Troops, for example, are created in the Barracks, and are later stored in camps. Of the twenty-one troops in their home village, thirteen use Elixir to be raised. The rest need Black Elixir, in addition to being trained in the Black Barracks. In the alternative mode of Clash of Clans , the eleven troops are created and trained in the Builder's Headquarters.


Although few in number, the Heroes of Clash of Clans are quite useful both defensive and offensive. In his home village there are King Barbarian, Queen Archer and the Great Guardian. Each offers support in its own way, being the ideal King to help archers and other light units, for example. At Casa do Construtor, we have the Combat Machine, which is controlled by the Master Builder himself. Heroes need to be summoned only once, which is when their respective altar is built. Even though they are immortal, they need to sleep and regenerate whenever they take a lot of damage in battle. They can be taken in a raid or they can be left at the base to defend it from enemy raids .

Siege Machines

These machines have a very particular function: they transport their troops into battle. Each type of siege machine has a different way of carrying out this transport. Remembering that they are automatically destroyed as soon as they release their troops. If they are attacked, they can also be destroyed, although in that case they will release troops at the place of their destruction.


It is at the spell factory that you will produce and manage these spells. They are very useful and can save you in a complicated raid . In his native village, he will be able to manufacture eleven spells, five of which in the dark spell factory. Remember that in Casa do Construtor mode there are no spells.

Troops available in the hometown and Casa do Construtor

Now that you know everything about all the components of an army in Clash of Clans , you need to know who your troop members are. In addition, it is important to know the best combinations of offensive units to execute the best attacks online . In the two tables below you will have all the troops available in the original Clash of Clans mode and in the Builder's House mode, respectively. Soon after, we give tips on how to assemble troops to carry out successful attacks.

Armies of Vila Natal

Elixir Barbarian, Archer, Giant, Goblin, Wallbreaker, Balloon, Mage, Healer, Dragon, PEKKA, Baby Dragon, Miner and Electric Dragon
Black Elixir Servants, Corridor, Valkyrie, Golem and Golemites, Witch and Skeleton, Lava Dog and Lava Cub, Launcher and Ice Golem
Heroes Barbarian King, Queen Archer and Great Guardian
Spells Lightning Spell, Fury Spell, Healing Spell, Ice Spell, Leap Spell and Clone Spell
Dark spells Earthquake Spell, Poison Spell, Bat Spell, Skeleton Spell and Haste Spell
Siege Machines Warlike Airship, Wall Breakers and Stone Breakers

Armies of the Builder's House

Troops Furious Barbarian, Sneaky Archer, Giant Boxer, Beta Servant, Bomber, Baby Dragon, Wheelbarrow, Dark Witch, Bone Balloon, Super PEKKA and Flying
Heroes War machine

Best troops to raid

  It is possible to assemble a great troop with only archers and barbarians. You spend little, but you have a fast, ferocious attack that does a lot of damage to enemies. However, this combination of troops does not guarantee the total destruction of the alien village, which makes it impossible to obtain three stars. One of the most used combinations by professional players is known as Hogibarch. It comprises five different troops: barbarians, archers, breakers, giants and corridors. It is ideal for all situations, whether for obtaining three stars, or for farming in Clash of Clans . This is due to the fact that this mix of troops guarantees tank units, which would be the giants, and two high-speed units, which are barbarians and archers. Wall breakers and corridors are powerful against defenses, making room for other members of your army to destroy everything. You can also alternate some members of that group. Giants can be replaced by Dragons, for example, as these winged creatures form a tough troop that does a lot of damage to enemies. Valkyries, on the other hand, are units that attack by area and can damage two defensive buildings at the same time. Find out all about the Village Center in Clash of Clans ! Check out precious tips to do well in the game!

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