MARVEL Tournament of Champions: the 3 best characters in each Class

MARVEL Tournament of Champions currently has over 150 playable characters. Constantly expanding, this number will certainly grow in the coming months. Still, the fact is that some heroes will always be better than others. To facilitate your search for the great fighters in the game , we have compiled lists with the TOP 3 of each Class. The list below is not definitive and closed. Tournament of Champions is constantly updating, and some heroes and villains receive improvements or downgrades . So it is necessary to take into account not only the maximum level of stars that a fighter can reach, but also the skills that he possesses.

Cosmic Class - Hyperion, Medusa and Corvus Glaive

In the Cosmic Class we find some of the most powerful Marvel characters. Names like Ronan, Thanos, Captain Marvel and Thor are some of the main members of this select group. Cosmic people originate outside of Earth, either because they are extraterrestrial, or because their powers come from another planet or region of the Universe.

3. Hyperion

Hyperion is Marvel's version of Superman. Like Kal-El, he arrived on Earth as the sole survivor of his alien race. He was raised among humans, with a great sense of justice and a deep understanding of what is right and wrong. In Tournament of Champions his extraterrestrial origin guarantees immunity to all types of poisoning. This hero has an energy charge system slightly similar to that of Captain Marvel. Each Cosmic Charge grants an additional percentage of damage and physical endurance. If you use three Cosmic Charges, you can also activate Cosmic Regeneration, which gives you health for a few seconds. His most powerful special attack, the Orbital Kinetic Attack, can increase the hero's overall power, in addition to completely filling his Cosmic Charges. If you don't win the fight, it guarantees a boost of life and strength that will certainly give you a big advantage in the battle.


Hyperion's advantages make it especially powerful against certain enemies. It is resistant to special Electro attacks, for example, and is unaffected by Static Shock. If you use your first special attack, Incinerate, it still reduces that specific fighter's blocking ability. As he is immune to poisoning, he becomes an excellent enemy against The Abominable. Against Groot, whose offensive capacity is very low, Hyperion has time to raise his Loads to the maximum, without having to worry too much about damage taken.


Hyperion may not obtain his Charges if he fights against specific enemies. This is the case with Colossus and Colossus Unstoppable, which attacks continuously. He doesn't let enemies breathe, which makes it impossible for Hyperion to obtain the Charges that give him the most power. A Colossus ability also prevents buffs from forming . The Scarlet Witch, on the other hand, causes constant and often critical damage. It also has an ability that cancels the formation of buffs and can end the formation of Cosmic Charges. Magic has both this ability and the ability to block powers, which makes it Hyperion's biggest nightmare.

2. Jellyfish

The Queen of Inhumans is one of the great highlights of MARVEL Tournament of Champions . She is immune to any type of poisoning, thanks to one of her passive abilities. When it attacks your opponents with your hair, it breaks the opponent's Armor , applying 352.94 armor reduction for 3.6 seconds. If you achieve six armor reductions, you create the effect known as Armor Shattered Debuff , which results in Armor points at 2444.45 for 26 seconds. In those seconds, there are critical chances of doing 25.66 damage per second, thanks to a bleeding effect. In terms of special abilities, Medusa is able to control his hair strands, which allows the player to self-defense and break the opponent's combos.


Opponents who have armor-related advantages, such as the Black Panther (Civil War), will have these advantages disabled by Medusa. The Queen of Inhumans still has great advantages against robots. During Armor Shattered Debuff , the robots' accuracy is reduced, as are abilities such as Ultron's regeneration.


Medusa has Fury bonuses that she accumulates throughout the fight. They are essential to improve your self-blocking ability and to increase the amount of damage to opponents. That is why she suffers against opponents like Doctor Strange, since he nullifies these advantages, in addition to the Mystical Class having Class Bonuses against the Cosmic. Colossus and the Ghost Rider, who are immune to bleeding, take one of Medusa's best advantages in terms of damage.

1. Corvus Glaive

Corvus Glaive is the leader of Thanos' armies. It is not for nothing that in Tournament of Champions one of his main skills is obtained after completing the missions of his "boss". There are 4 of them, each completed will increase your critical damage by 3000. See what they are:
  • Eliminate a member of the Avengers
  • Eliminate a Technological Class fighter
  • Eliminate a Mutant Class fighter
  • Use heavy attack or special attack on an opponent who evaded or used self-blocking
This character was developed to start the fight by causing a high amount of damage to opponents. Mainly because Corvus starts his fights with an ability called Immunity. He does not suffer from shock, bleeding and freezing effects while immune. While active, Immunity still guarantees frequent critical damage, in addition to making attacks that ignore the opponent's Armor . Corvus Immunity is disabled for 50 seconds after he attacks 20 times with a light attack. In addition, whenever you receive a heavy attack or a special attack you have this ability disabled for 3 seconds. We emphasize that while Immunity is active, Corvus cannot be killed, which makes him one of the best fighters in the game.


Corvus Glaive is so powerful that he is able to defeat certain opponents with one stroke. If he has synergy with Proxima Midnight, it is enough for an opponent to use evasion or self-blocking. Shortly thereafter, if Corvus drops the enemy, it will deal direct damage, which surpasses any armor. He is also a great fighter to face opponents that do freeze and bleed damage, like Iceman and Morningstar.


Corvus inflicts critical damage frequently while immune. In that sense, he has a disadvantage if he fights against opponents who activate special abilities by taking such damage. This is the case of Groot and the Scarlet Witch. Doctor Voodoo and Mefisto are able to inflict special damage on Corvus, even though his immunity is active.

Scientific Class - Tremor, Captain America (Infinity War) and Vacuum

Scientific fighters are those who have been modified by some science device. The most classic case is that of Bruce Banner, modified by gamma rays, which awakened his famous alter-ego, the incredible Hulk. Among the many good fighters in this Class, we chose those who are undeniably the best to compose our select group of fighters. Check out!

3. Tremor

Tremor is one of the most powerful agents of SHIELD. She obtained her powers in her teens, after accidentally awakening her mother's inhuman bloodline. In Tournament of Champions she is one of the most powerful fighters. While Tremor holds back the heavy attack, it causes seismic waves that affect the enemy in various ways. These waves alone already damage the enemy. They also reduce the accuracy of your attack. When he finally attacks, he has a good chance of causing his opponent to concuss. Opponents with this effect cannot attack Tremor with light attacks, as it automatically evades. Its special ability is to direct some of the blocked damage back to the enemy when defending.


Tremor is one of the best characters for those players who like to carry out constant attacks, in sequence, preventing the opponent from fighting back. This is guaranteed by the fighter's ability to evade light attacks when concussing her enemies.


While allowing for multiple attacks in a row, this is only possible if the enemy is concussed, which demands constant uses of heavy attacks. Against agile fighters like those in the Skill Class, this gets more complicated. In addition, Tremor has disadvantages against characters of this Class.

2. Captain America (Infinity War)

Captain America in his version of Infinity War is Steve Rogers' strongest form in Tournament of Champions . Even without the classic shield, he has two small shields that are attached to his arms. They are made of vibranium, which gives the Captain passive kinetic powers. These powers allow increased Fury, damage and resistance to physical attacks and energy attacks. Your heavy attack also grants Fury points. If the Captain has at least one kinetic charge, he can also cancel effects known as Unstoppable that the enemy may have. But the great highlight of this character is that his special leadership ability allows all Classes on his team to provide him with some kind of benefit in all fights.


Captain America inhibits the Unstoppable effect of the Unstoppable Colossus if its kinetic charge is loaded. He is also strong against Dormammu, as his abilities reduce the damage of some Dormammu buffs . Finally, it can also contain abilities of characters like Magic. Disadvantages Captain has a disadvantage in fights against Crossbones, as this enemy converts the opponent's debuffs into a point of Fury for himself. The Trainer is another one who can get through Steve Rogers' skills unscathed, as he resists debuffs and turns them into damage against the enemy.

1. Vacuum

Vacuum is elected as the best scientific champion for several reasons. The first is because it is immune to the effects of incineration. Second, every 10 seconds a vacuum casts a random debuff at the enemy. Each debuff activated causes the opponent to take 109% of the current Void attack as direct damage. The Vacuum Intimidating Presence has the function of ensuring that during the whole fight the character's debuffs are applied to the enemy. In other words: the great advantage of this fighter is that he weakens any type of enemy, even those who belong to a Class that has superiority over his own.


With the exception of those opponents who are able to resist debuffs or who are able to nullify them, Vacuum has advantages against all fighters in the game.


He suffers from the same problem as Captain America (Infinity War), as enemies like Crossbones and the Trainer can nullify or resist their debuffs .

Skillful Class - Nick Fury, Blade and Aegon

The Skilled Class is the one that brings together all the heroes and villains who use only their fighting skills and eventual weapons to eliminate their opponents. In addition to the Top 3 of the Class, we have Ronin, the Punisher and Thor (Ragnarok) as powerful members of the group, in addition to other big names that would certainly compete for a Top 10.

3. Nick Fury

The biggest SHIELD Agent is in the third place in the Top3 of the Skilled. Nick Fury has at least five different types of attacks from which enemies cannot evade, which is great for facing opponents whose evasive ability is constant. Nick is still considered one of the best to fight Bosses and enemies of great power, as he is in constant Fury, with no exact time to finish. Furthermore, Fury cannot be blocked by any opponent, which makes him practically unstoppable. Agent Fury is still quite efficient at applying bleeding damage. The problem is when he faces enemies immune to this effect, which makes his battles very difficult. Its bleeding effects are also 50% less effective against enemies that regenerate their lives. Nick's worst enemy, however, is an opponent who takes away his ability to gain tactical charges.

2. Blade

Marvel's most powerful vampire ranks second among the Skill Class characters. Blade gains 7% power per second when close to a bleeding opponent. The great vampire is still very efficient against dimensional beings, such as: Dormammu, Ghost Rider, Hood, Magic, Mephisto and Morningstar. Against these opponents, Blade gains more damage capacity, in addition to reducing opponents' skill accuracy by 40%. When it blocks the enemy attack 100%, it causes bleeding and direct damage for 2 seconds. The fighter has a special ability to recover his hit points by sacrificing part of his attack power.


In addition to its explicit advantage against dimensional beings, Blade also reduces the duration and power of debuffs inflicted against him. The more power the vampire has, the stronger this advantage is, which makes him one of the best to face Archangel. Depending on Blade's synergy, he manages to activate his Sense of Danger, which grants him attack and decreases the accuracy of opponents' special attacks.


Despite being effective against Dormammu, Blade is unable to bleed the villain. The same applies to the Iceman, who is also immune to this effect. The Scarlet Witch and Civil Warrior manage to neutralize Blade's regeneration, although he still sacrifices his power, though for nothing.

1. Aegon

One of the greatest champions of the Battle Domain, Aegon is a born gladiator, having his fighting style based on attacking opponents with critical damage. As a rule, he is unable to cause this type of damage. This is only possible when combining. The more combos he builds, the higher his critical hit rate , remembering that combos accumulate between fights. See below its benefits in this regard:
  • hits : allow Aegon to have a 40% chance of removing a debuff caused by the enemy
  • 10 hits : critical damage can take up to 12 points more damage per hit
  • 20 hits : if the enemy evades, Aegon is immune to combos for 5 seconds and has a 45% chance of becoming Unstoppable for 2 seconds
  • 30 hits : can cause critical damage even if the opponent is blocking
  • 50 hits : carrying a heavy attack grants one second of Unstoppable
  • 75 hits : opponents have 85% less blocking accuracy when Aegon deals critical damage
  • 100 hits : there is a 100% chance of eliminating a debuff
  • 150 hits : critical damage allows Aegon to ignore autoblocks and evasions for 0.75 seconds
  • 200 hits : critical damage ignores 100% of the opponent's resistance
  • 300 hits : critical damage grants Fury bonuses
  • 500 hits : opponent suffers 100% defensive ability on Aegon's next attack
  • 750 hits : grants 1.50 seconds of Unstoppable and combo blocking
  • 1000 hits : Aegon's next attack is indefensible


Aegon's biggest advantage is doing continuous damage to enemies based on evasion, as is the case with Spider-Man and the Nocturne. Against Vacuum it is especially useful, since every 10 hits Vacuum opponents can remove a debuff . Combining that with Aegon's skills, it becomes an easier fight.


Aegon's combo meter is reset whenever an attack from you is blocked. So your main enemy is the blockade of others. It is necessary to have a fighting strategy and agility so as not to lose its combos and its advantages. The ability known as Glancing , present in heroes like Ant-Man and Captain America (Infinity War), disables critical damage. In that sense, much of Aegon's power is reduced.

Mutant Class - Dominoes, Omega Red and Archangel

If you think about it, a lot of Marvel's heroes and villains could be considered mutants. Anyway, in this group are those who have undergone some type of genetic mutation, whether voluntary or not. In addition to the names of our Top 3, classic mutants of Casa das Ideias are Magneto, Wolverine and Deadpool.

3. Dominoes

Domino already starts all fights by removing 222 Critical Rating points from the opponent and absorbing that value. In addition, enemies lose 15% skill accuracy. Your bleeding abilities increase your chances of dealing critical damage. Opponents that cause bleeding have this ability reduced by 50%, inspiring Domino to gain 10% of his total power. Every Domino attack can receive up to 502 more points at random during fights. Critical damage can reach 1333 points of damage at random. If an opponent is stunned, the next attack will have 1255 more points. The mutant's special ability is to deal 735 damage to the opponent for 1.5 seconds if one of its abilities fails to activate.


Dominoes have some passive abilities that are activated whenever the bleed effect is activated in play. This makes her a tough and powerful opponent to face fighters like Blade. It also has great advantages against characters that activate abilities frequently, since a failure in this sense is enough to activate their special ability.


The mutant has difficulties against technological characters and against those who do not bleed or cause bleeding. Anyone who has no skills to activate or who is 100% successful in activating them can beat Dominoes easily. So what's the worst enemy for her? Eyesight.

2. Omega Red

Omega Red is a Soviet super soldier and a great enemy of the X-Men. It is immune to the effect of poisoning and reduces all bleeding damage by 90%. Omega also reduces 100% of the damage done by passive abilities that are activated by enemies when they are hit by an attack. This mutant still has the so-called Death Factor . Whenever he is close to an opponent, he releases a spore every 5 seconds, which is attached to the enemy's body. The maximum number of spores it can throw is 10. The more spores there are, the more the enemy's armor is reduced. This effect is not so positive against robots. If Omega Red starts to bleed, the spores attached to enemies cause it to lose life every second. The limit of 10 spores rises to 30.


One of the great advantages of Omega Red is that it is practically immune to bleeding. Its spores cannot be eliminated by passive or active abilities, which allows the mutant to reduce a good part of the enemy's defenses. In addition, enemies affected by spores are unable to use debuffs .


Robots are Omega Red's greatest enemies. The effects of spores do not affect them. Furthermore, Omega's secret is to be close to opponents. Agile and quickly evading heroes are enemies to match.

1. Archangel

The main passive skill of the best Marvel Tournament of Champions mutant is to prevent its accuracy from being reduced. If it affects enemies with bleeding and poisoning at the same time, it causes the neurotoxin effect, which causes damage for 15 seconds. When the effect ends, it stuns the enemy for 0.5 seconds. If Archangel deals critical damage, there is a 40% chance of lacerating the opponent., Inflicting bleeding for 15 seconds. Heavy attacks have a 50% chance of causing bleeding, dealing direct damage for up to 15 seconds. The Archangel's special ability is aimed at eliminating any possibility of the enemy's regeneration while dealing large amounts of damage.


Archangel is great against Agent Venom. The Agent will try to resist the bleeding caused by the mutant, but will eventually fail, which will make the battle much easier. We can say almost the same for Hood and Spider-Man, since the Archangel's neurotoxin reduces Peter Parker's evasion capacity.


Three enemies could be Archangel's downfall: Vision, Cable and Yellow Jacket. Vision is immune to poison and bleeding, which makes the life of the winged mutant quite difficult. Cable quickly reduces the effects of poisoning. Yellow Jacket, in turn, benefits whenever enemies use their special attacks, and Archangel needs to use his often.

Mystical Class - Supreme Symbiont, Scarlet Witch and Magic

Mystics are those who use magic or any kind of power similar to that to deal with enemies. Many of Marvel's most powerful heroes and villains are in this class. Doctor Strange, Loki and Dormammu are some examples.

3. Supreme symbiont

The Supreme Symbiont is a fusion of an alternate Doctor Strange with a symbiote. This makes him a powerful fighter, mainly because he gains 16.5% of his maximum power every 9 seconds. In addition, whenever an opponent's effect ends, Simbionte gains 25 genetic power, which can reach a maximum of 100. This genetic power is used to awaken three powers in a row. Chthon's Cunning, for example, gives a 100% chance to remove all the opponent's advantages. Null's Shadow can guarantee 1333 Armor , guaranteeing 40% of causing a perfect block. Set's Fangs increases attack power by 1119 thanks to a Fury effect.


Supreme Symbiont is especially useful against Corvus Glaive. It removes direct damage from the opponent, which greatly reduces the ability to win Corvus' fight. Against Medusa, Simbionte makes it impossible for her to awaken her Fury bonus. Finally, he deals extra energy damage to fighters like Korg.


Omega Red is the symbiote's worst enemy. It will not activate bonuses to feed the symbiotic's genetic power, and it is not interesting to cause bleeding in Omega. Ultron, on the other hand, does not suffer bleeding, in addition to having its energy regenerated from time to time. The Wasp is also a complicated enemy, as it rarely gives openings for direct attacks.

2. Scarlet Witch

The Scarlet Witch is one of the most powerful fighters in the game. It has several advantages against a good number of enemies. But its main skill is to nullify the enemies' advantages. Regardless of the amount of stars your Sorceress has, the chances of that happening are 90%. It is also known for its high capacity to produce critical damage. As she is a character of great agility, it is easy to combine these skills to see how this mystical character is a great asset against a series of enemies. But not only that, since his special ability causes up to 8 buffs or 8 debuffs whenever a critical attack is made.


For his special ability, Scarlet Witch is one of the best characters to face Corvus Glaive. Corvus inflicts a number of critical damage, which often activates the Sorceress' buffs and debuffs . Groot and Rei Groot are based on gaining buffs to fight, which Scarlet can easily prevent. Proxima Midnight uses Fury buffs to gain more damage points. In addition to the Sorceress preventing this, she has a Class advantage against Proxima, which makes it easier to eliminate this enemy. The same can be said of enemies like Old Logan, Hyperion and the Combat Machine.


Moon Knight and Crossbones are dangerous opponents for Scarlet Witch. The Knight can ignore critical damage, whereas Crossbones does not do this type of damage as often. Ronan, whose special attacks do more damage if the enemy has buffs , can be a deadly opponent for the Sorceress.

1. Magic

Finally, Magic is the best of all the characters in the Mystical Class. About 25% of the damage it deals is transformed into energy damage, which hits enemies every second, at random. This is called the State of Limbo. In addition, no opponent can generate any kind of power from Magic's special attacks. Her special ability is to make sure she is in Limbo as much as possible. Her special attacks still help her to enter this state, in addition to removing her opponents' buffs and turning them into attack points for herself.


The greatest advantage of Magic is in nullifying the advantages obtained in fighting for the enemies. So all those enemies who base their combat on winning buffs will be more easily defeated by this Mystique. It is still good at blocking passive abilities, which makes it effective against most combatants in the game.


Captain America (Infinity War) and Blade have good advantages against Magic. Blade in particular, since it has the unique ability to have additional points of attack against dimensional beings, which is the case with Magic.

Technological Class - Star Lord, Spider-Man (Stark) and Ghost

Finally, the Technological Class is one in which all the Champions are found whose fighting style depends on some type of technological support. All the robots are here, like Ultron and Vision, in addition to those who wear armor, like Combat Machine and Iron Man himself.

3. Star Lord

Star Lord and leader of the Guardians of the Galaxy, Peter Quill fights in MARVEL Tournament of Champions ensured by his Fury. Every attack, be it light or heavy, gives you Fury points, which increases the damage inflicted on opponents. Peter Quill can still reduce the enemy's Armor for 8 seconds, in addition to dealing direct damage for 6 seconds. Another two interesting passive abilities of the Starlord are to prevent enemy regeneration and drain its maximum power. Their special ability is to increase their blocking proficiency and attack power.

2. Spider-Man (Stark)

Spider-Man improved by Tony Stark is the master of evasion. Whenever you are attacked you have a 3% chance to evade alone. Against special attacks, this percentage rises to 60%. This warning system is disabled if the Spider is attacked by a Cosmic Champion or if it is hit by a heavy attack. This Spider-Man is still able to reduce the enemy's attack whenever he uses the so-called Taunt , which is nothing more than a provocation. This is even more effective against characters considered villains.

1. Phantom

Nobody knows much about Phantom's real identity. What is known is that she is a formidable fighter, that in ideal circumstances she is an almost unbeatable enemy. Especially if we consider that if Phantom uses evasion, she initiates an ability that causes all attacks against her to fail 100%. This ability is called Phasing . Ghost still gains an additional attack for 5 seconds. The scenario is ideal, since in addition to not being able to be reached during this phase, its offensive power increases. When she attacks or blocks, she can take damage again. It is then enough to escape again to restart this process.


Critical damage cannot be avoided. Normal attacks can earn Bonus Fury bonuses for 20 seconds. If it is a heavy attack, it increases your points by 647 for 10 seconds. Her special ability ensures that she starts the battle in Phasing mode . She's great for taking on Nocturne and the Iceman. Against Nocturne because enemies cannot evade, but when they do, they ensure that the next attack is critical. Iceman, however, is unable to use his freeze. The same is impossible with buffs such as bleeding or poisoning. Disadvantages If Phantom suffers an armor break, she will be unable to use Phasing , which greatly reduces her offensive power. Opponents with critical damage resistance are also great against it. In that sense, Corvus Glaive would be a worthy opponent. See 9 tips to be the best fighter in MARVEL Tournament of Champions !

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