10 best architecture games for those who like construction simulators

Currently there are several games focused on architecture, the construction of buildings and things. From the famous Minecraft to the unforgettable The Sims , we will bring you some good game tips for the most varied platforms in the list below. If you are a fan of construction simulators, see below the 10 best architecture games!

1. Minecraft - PC, PS4, Xbox One, Android and iOS

Amazingly, Minecraft is one of the best games for those who like architecture or similar themes. Here you don't have the blueprint of the house or building, but you can build brick by brick anything you want. From a cabin by the river to a mansion in the middle of the forest. Whoever plays knows well what we are talking about. Who hasn't tried the game yet , without prejudice: it's not just a game for children, but for anyone who likes to build and create. The game gives so much freedom in this sense that there are cases of gamers who built the Hogwarts castle, Game of Thrones cities, the Eiffel Tower, among several other famous buildings. It is letting the imagination flow and giving wings to your interior architect!

2. The Sims - PC, PS4, Xbox One, Android and iOS

Okay, another obvious title, we know. But The Sims was one of the first video game architecture games. At least it is one of the most played and remembered when it comes to building things. In fact, even though the main focus is "living life", many players spend most of their time building their homes. The cool thing is that the gaming community advertises their homes online , showing real architecture projects of the most varied styles. There are sustainable, modern, more classic houses, showing that the limits of this game are there to be crossed!

3. Cities in motion - PC

This is perhaps one of the coolest on the list. Cities in motion aims to make the player plan the urban roads, public transport and all the circulation of large real cities. Amsterdam, London, Berlin are some examples of capital that will be under your responsibility. Although it is not exactly about building construction, indirectly this theme is present in the game. In fact, the title is great because it teaches road and traffic engineering notions.

4. No Man's Sky - PC, PS4 and Xbox One

No Man's Sky has many controversies and many different purposes in its gameplay . And one of them, after recent updates, is to set up a space base on any planet. For that it is necessary to plan which environments will have, how many floors, among other options. The cool thing is that there are several missions related to building your base. It has become a fundamental aspect of the game, imposing a considerable challenge on the players. Mainly because you can only have one base in the entire Universe. Only then does it work to find a non-hostile galaxy and planet.

5. Monument Valley - Android and iOS

A super cult and conceptual game, but beautiful, inspiring and full of architectural elements. It is not really for building things, but as you solve puzzles in the 10 levels of the game , it will automatically build beautiful buildings. He remembers a lot of titles like Journey and Limbo , with a touch of mystery, starting from the constant solving of puzzles to proceed in the levels. Monument Valley has several optical illusions, all of which are very interesting, which you can contemplate for hours if you want.

6. Fallout Shelter - PC, PS4, Xbox One, Android and iOS

Mandatory game for gamers architects . In Fallout Shelter you have to build a bunker to protect yourself from possible nuclear war. In this simulator you will have to plan the rooms and facilities of the nuclear shelter well, in order to optimize their efficiency. As a bonus, you still have to manage resources and manage the locals. Also prepare yourself to face invasions from enemies, in addition to having to deal with fires and other internal problems that will eventually arise.

7. SimCity - PC, Android and iOS

SimCiy is another classic of architecture games. Indispensable for every future architect, you will have to build a city from scratch. Think about the layout of houses, the construction of roads, parks, schools and all the public services that the population of a city needs. There are several versions of SimCity available. The game started on the PC, but already has a specific edition for smartphones . Much more than an architectural game, it invites the player to be the Mayor of a large city. Managing resources and money is one of the most challenging parts, but one of the most stimulating.

8. Block'hood - PC

Block'hood will make you remember Minecraft , but it has nothing to do. The idea is to build sustainable buildings, using blocks. There are a variety of building shapes to be built, allowing you to use your imagination. This title is even aimed at architects, as its emphasis is on urban planning and the search for modern housing solutions. Undoubtedly, this simulator will please you if this is your footprint!

9. Project Highrise - PC, PS4, Xbox One and Switch

Leaving a little of the 3D games, we go to a construction simulator in 2D. Project Highrise puts players in the position of managing a building. The mission is to give life to the building, monetizing it with office rooms, residential apartments, hotels and even restaurants. Whoever gets tired of the base game, has 5 more expansions that add themed content. They allow the player to go to Las Vegas, Tokyo and even London. In this sense, it is perfect for those who want to work with different types of architecture.

10. Anno 2205 - PC

Finally, we go to the future and beyond with Anno 2205 . This game is a SimCity set on a distant, but habitable planet, of course. The idea is not only to build buildings and cities, but an entire civilization from scratch. Challenging, with breathtaking graphics and perfect for those who like to plan. The gameplay is very simple, with a real-time strategy. The game allows you to explore other planets besides yours and even the moon.

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