Mario Kart Tour: tutorial to complete the

One of the most difficult challenges on the Mario Kart Tour is undoubtedly the "30 miniturbs in one race". He was recently introduced to this week's challenges. If you are having difficulty completing it, take it easy! We help you now with a quick and easy to use tutorial!

In addition to completing the challenge, you will probably win the race with so many turbos!

Step 1: Place the assisted car control

You can switch from the manual control of the car to the assisted one and vice versa whenever you want. This particular challenge is much easier if you run with the assisted. So go to the game settings and make the switch.

Step 2: choose a 50CC Yoshi Circuit

Choosing a Yoshi Circuit is very important! This type of track has many curves, which will facilitate the fulfillment of the challenge. It doesn't matter which aisle, car or glider you choose. Just be sure that you have chosen a 50CC track, which, as a rule, is easier to navigate.

Step 3: Drift around all the time

Forget about picking up specials or even winning the race. Your mission here is to turn Drift at every turn until those blue sparks appear under the car. Keep counting in your head until 30, but don't stop doing it until the race is over. You are still likely to win anyway, as you will be constantly having miniturbs. At the end, you will return to the home menu and be informed that you have completed this challenge. Collect your Maxi Stars and keep running around! See how to unlock the Ranking and learn how to move up the League in Mario Kart Tour "Eliminate 3 pipes" tutorial Learn how to play Coin Fever with Golden Mario

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