Learn how to change your server realm on Lords Mobile

When you start a new game on Lords Mobile , your Kingdom is allocated to a server. There are several reasons that can cause you to move your Kingdom to another server and, if you are still a novice, you may have some difficulty doing so. Check out this guide that teaches you how to change your server realm and what you can lose if you make the change.

What is changing the Kingdom?

When a Lords Mobile player says that he is going to change his Kingdom, it does not mean that literally, but rather to transfer his Kingdom to another server. This is because when starting a new game, you will end up on a random server , which may not match your friends' or may be extremely empty. So, there are ways to change to another server of your choice, transferring your Castle and without having to start all over again.

How to make?

There are two ways to migrate, one free and one paid. When you start Lords Mobile for the first time, you will earn an item called “Newbie Relocator”, which, when used, will transfer your Kingdom for free and without restrictions to a new server. However, this item only works until your Castle reaches level 6. If you don't already have this item available, then you need to purchase a Migration Scroll. This item is purchased at the guild store for 810,000 gold and your Kingdom must have at least 90 days to be able to make the purchase. Regardless of the method chosen for the migration, it is necessary to open the map and choose the globe to access the available servers. This action is unavailable if your troops are on expedition or during Kingdom vs. events. Kingdom.

What do you keep and what do you lose?

When transferring your Kingdom, you will lose some valuable things, so be careful not to be caught off guard. It is true that all of your heroes, troops, money and buildings remain. However, you will lose your guild, your Overlord titles, your Colosseum rank and any resources that are not kept in the Vault. Now that you know how to change servers, learn how to form your army with the best troops! Browse the best online HTML tools: editor, tags, cheat sheet, character codes, tag generators, website templates and more.

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