Mario Kart Tour: how to see your challenges in the game menu

Challenges are a fundamental part of the Mario Kart Tour . Still, some players have a hard time knowing how to find them or even how to unlock them in the game. In this brief tutorial we will teach you how to see the challenges and understand how to check if they are fulfilled or not.

How to see Tour and Gold challenges

To find the Tour and Gold challenges, just go to the Menu and enter the Challenges section. We remind you that this section is only unlocked after you have 7 full cups. To understand how to view challenges on the Mario Kart Tour , you need to know that there are three types of challenges. The Tour and Gold are exclusive for each Season. The first, which was New York, brought two different lists of Tour Challenges and one only of Gold challenges. These two types have time to be finished, since they are linked to the duration of the Seasons. Compared to Standard challenges, they are considered much more difficult to meet First Season Tour 1 Challenges:
  • Get 3 hits with red shells
  • Get 10 hits with Bananas
  • Make 100 jumping boosts
  • Get 1st place 3 times in a row in 100cc races or above
  • Activate Frenzy mode 5 times
  • Collect 30 coins in a single run
  • Get 3 hits with green shells in a single race using a rider with a shell on your back
  • Discard 3 tubes
  • Earn a score of 6,000 or more using a driver with a mustache

Viewing Standard Challenges

Challenges considered Standard are fixed in all Seasons of the game. Even though they are not rotating, Nintendo is adding new tasks for players to complete each season. Currently, Standard challenges are divided into 1-1 and 1-2. With the new season, we will probably have 2-1 and 2-2. See below for the initial Mario Kart Tour challenges considered Standard. Standard Challenges 1-1:
  • Use 1 point increase ticket
  • Use 1 item ticket
  • Complete Coin Rush 1 time
  • Make 3 friends
  • Get 1 item from the Daily Selections section of the store
  • Raise 1 driver, kart or glider to skill level 2
  • Increase points from 1 kart to 300 or more
  • Increase 2 glider points to 300 or more
Standard Challenges 1-2:
  • Collect 10 different drivers
  • Collect 10 different karts or gliders
  • Get 1st place in a race 100 times
  • Get 100 hits with green shells
  • Get 30 hits with bombs
  • Get 200 hits with bananas
  • Causes opponents to stop or hit 300 times
  • Reach player level 10
  • Reach League 5
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