Apex Legends bug makes you fly endlessly (and very fast!)

A new bug in Apex Legends allows you to fly endlessly whenever you use the jetpack. The flaw was recently discovered and is likely to be fixed in a future update. The bug affects matches so much that there are already reports of people being banned for using it. Through it, players can fly infinitely across the map at a speed far above normal. This allows the most appeals to avoid fighting until the end of the game and only return to the ground when there are few players left.

How to fly endlessly in Apex Legends

  • 1 - While on the jetpack, wait for your character to make the landing animation (as in the image above)
  • 2 - When the landing animation starts, press and hold the key that opens the grenade menu. If you have not changed, the key is G .
  • 3 - Drag the mouse in the direction you want to go (if you want to fly infinitely, it will be upwards).
See the best tips and secrets to mastering everything in Apex Legends! The repositioning is so fast that you basically teleport to the pointed direction. It is also possible to use mountains to activate the landing animation and, shortly thereafter, point to a place on the ground to descend much faster. Here's how it works: This bug certainly offers many unfair advantages that affect matches a lot. Some players claim to have been banned for using it, so be careful! Either way, Respawn will likely fix it in the next update. Stay on top of the latest Apex Legends update! Requirements to run Apex Legends and how to increase the game's FPS! Discover the Apex Legends Heritage Set and how to get it! Apex Legends vs Fortnite: see which Battle Royale is right for you!

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