Lords Mobile: learn how to upgrade quickly and see the benefits

In Lords Mobile , you can gain Experience in several ways to increase your Player level. The higher you go, the more advantages and benefits you will have to succeed in the game. You can level up to a maximum level of 60 . When selecting the screen of your Avatar, you can check your current level, the bar with your Experience gained and what is left to reach the next level. You can earn XP in several ways when playing Lords Mobile and there are several advantages to reaching the maximum level, from earning extra talent points to increasing your Power level.

How to gain Experience

To level up, you need to gain Experience and the amount needed increases with each level. You can earn XP in a variety of ways, but the quickest is without a doubt completing missions . Take the various tasks in the Missions menu and complete them while you have an active boost . These will increase the percentage of Experience gained over a period of time, so they are very important to level up quickly. These are all ways to earn XP:
  • Hunting monsters
  • Making equipment
  • Complete Guild, Admin or Territory missions (best option)
  • Get into combat
  • Complete Hero levels
  • Visit the Colosseum
And these are the different boosts you can get and how to do it:
  • Buy + 25% XP with 2500 gems
  • Unlock + 50% XP when reaching VIP level 9
  • Buy for $ 49.99 a set with the Holy Helmet that grants + 15% XP

Benefits of leveling up to level 60

There are four major benefits to leveling up. All pieces of equipment require a minimum level to be used, so the more you upgrade, the better equipment you can use. In addition, whenever you level up, you earn extra talent points to improve your gameplay and become stronger. Initially, your Heroes will have a maximum level of 15 that can be increased as you level up your player. Finally, you will gain Power by leveling. Learn how to unlock and improve new Heroes in the game!

The importance of the level of Power

Your Power level is not a perfect indication of how strong you are, but this is what will be used as a reference , determining which clans you can join. In addition, there are certain missions and activities that can only be accessed at a certain level of Power. You can upgrade your Power in the following ways:
  • Building and improving buildings
  • Completing Surveys
  • Raising your Player level
  • Completing missions
  • Building Traps and Training Troops
  • Expanding your Territory
Meet the best troops to form your armies in Lords Mobile!

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