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7 tips for doing well in Fortnite: Save the World!

Fortnite: Save the World is a game in which players must save what is left of the world after 98% of the earth’s population has been eliminated. The game was designed to be played in cooperation and there are several important elements involved such as taking resources, exploring, building defenses and improving your own hero.

Check out these treasured tips for doing well at Fortine: Save the World!

1. Take lots of resources

The resources you can get in Fortnite: Save the World are very important for building defenses, weapons and traps. All of these materials, except the BluGlo, are accumulated when you use your ax to destroy the objects you find on the map. It is important that you reach the weak points of an object to destroy it faster and take more resources.

You can pick up wood by knocking down trees, brick destroying stones, and brick and metal structures destroying metal objects like vehicles. All of these materials can also be picked up in chests or boxes scattered around the map.

At the beginning of each mission, it is important that you get as many items and materials as possible , as you will need to build lots of utensils and defenses during the game.

2. Explore the map well

To get the most resources, you must explore every corner of the map to find hidden chests and other valuables before the wave of attacks starts.

Rare objects can be well hidden in areas that are only accessible if you destroy walls or ceilings . Think about it while exploring.

3. Bet on construction

To survive in Fortnite: Save the World , you’ll have to build fortifications that help ward off waves of enemy attacks. This means that you will not only have to create barricades, but also to set traps in strategic locations.

The construction is made from the resources that you get during the game. In addition, it is important to realize that walls made of harder materials will be more resistant , so you must play with this to build a lasting strategy.

4. Manage the schematics

The schematics are essential for you to build weapons, ammunition and other essential items during the game. A player can only have a maximum of 250 schematics in the inventory , so it is important that you select duplicates. Schematic can also be offered to other players.

Pay attention, as the weapons have a limited durability, that is, they end up breaking with use . You must recycle them before this happens to recover some of the spent materials.

5. Know the heroes well

Players can choose one of four heroes at the start of each match. Each of them has their own skills and attributes. Heroes level up and gain more skills. Choose your hero well before each mission, as the special abilities of each of them will help you to complete the objectives.

  • Builder: the best to build;
  • Ninja: has great speed and agility;
  • Soldier: balanced in all functions;
  • Outsider: the best for discovering treasures and collecting resources.

Learn more about Fortnite classes: Save the World !

6. Rescue the survivors to Squads

While exploring, you can hear survivors who are hiding. If you decide to save them, they can join you to help with missions. There are several types of groups that you can form:

  • Squads of Survivors that increase their base attributes;
  • Squads of Defenders to help in missions;
  • Squads of Shipping which can be sent on expeditions to pick up items.

7. Earn rewards

Rewards are one of the most important things to improve your Fortnite experience : Save the World . You can earn them by finishing missions, completing objectives or simply entering the game daily.

  • V-Buck: bought also with real money;
  • Llamas: bought with V-Bucks or earned while playing;
  • Chests: earned at the end of each mission;
  • Gold: earned by completing missions;
  • Extra experience: earn by completing missions or within Llamas.
  • Members squad : used to increase its base attributes.
  • Weapons: essential for you to manage during the match.

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