The Arena at Hearthstone is a tough challenge, but with a big payoff. To clear the Arena, you need 12 wins and we have 5 tips that will definitely improve your view of the Arena. You will see that it is not just luck that defines a good result in the Arena. Of course it is important to get good cards, but there are many other details that will do you good.

1. Playing Arena is totally different from Ladder

This is the main rule that a lot of people forget when playing in Ladder. Your game strategy needs to change, because no one has a perfect deck in Arena . It is more rare that there are cards that match other cards in your deck and it can often happen that you don't get any epic or legendary cards. So, you have to make different decisions that you would make on the ladder with a built deck.
  • Know your deck well : after building your deck, spend some time trying to understand the synergies it has. Memorize your deck well to feel more comfortable with the moves.
  • Minions are your damage : Arena play should be simple and nothing better than making a good army of minions. Attention, do not always put everything in play , because your opponent may have some mass removal.
  • Control the game table : it is very important that you control the game table well to always feel at an advantage. Make the necessary lackeys changes and start hitting your opponent in the face when you're on top.
  • All games are to win: even if you are 10-0 in the Arena, do not relax and play as if it were the last game. You always have to respect your opponent's deck and luck.

2. Choose the best hero

Before building the Arena deck, you need to make the right choice for the hero. Heroic Power has a lot of relevance in the Arena, as well as the special characteristics of each hero's cards. Check out who are the best heroes and what are their strengths and weaknesses.
  1. Mage : he's always been the favorite hero in the Arena. Its strong point is the variety of spells with good removals, damage and card draws. Heroic Power is also very useful in Arena. But the lack of lackeys may prove to be his weakness.
  2. Rogue : Heroic Power is very useful for removing enemy minions. But do not abuse to not suffer too much damage. Combo cards also help you gain an edge at the table.
  3. Paladin : is a very solid hero in all stages of the game. Heroic Power isn't very strong, but weapons and spells to enhance your minions make the Paladin a very strong hero.
  4. Druid : There are several cards to earn mana crystals and gain advancement for your opponent. There are several lackeys with Provocar that help to withstand the pressure. The big problem is the lack of removal spells.
  5. Hunter : with this hero you have to play more aggressively. Very easily you can put several Beast-type minions on the table that will damage your rival. Unfortunately, Heroic Power cannot be used for removal.
  6. Shaman : there are many spells that will help to remove enemy minions. Overcharged cards can be useful for putting pressure on your opponent, but they can also ruin your mana curve. Heroic power is almost useless in Arena.
  7. Warlock : it can be an excellent option in Arena if you can get cards to restore life. In addition to Heroic Power, there are many cards that make you lose life and this can be fatal.
  8. Priest : the priest is an aggressive class for Arena. There aren't many good cards for the first turns. If you are unable to get very good cards for the deck, you will find it very difficult to win.
  9. Warrior : it is also a slow class and, if you can't get good weapons, your chances will drop a lot. Heroic Power has little influence in Arena.

3. The most valuable cards in Arena

There are cards in the Arena that you would never play in built. Imagine that there are common ones with much more value than legendary ones. Check out some examples of cards you have to get:
  • Neutral : Skeletal mare, phoenix fire plume and primordial drake
  • Mage : Portal of the Lands of Fire, Meteor and Fireball
  • Rogue : Flaming Strike, Deadly Thorn and AVIN Agent
  • Paladin : Truesilver Defender, Costadura Mount and Tarim Salvassol
  • Druid : Total Infestation, Kick and Claw Druid
  • Hunter : Savannah Jubalta, Electrified Shackle and Jungle Call
  • Shaman : Fire Elemental, Maelstrom Portal and Earth Elemental
  • Warlock : Abyssal Enforcer, Lord of Sordid Fear and Soul Siphon
  • Priest : Kabal's Claw Priest, Shadow Word: Death and Stunt Priestess
  • Warrior : Aggressive Ghoul, Sparkling Berserker and Scourge Lord Garrosh
You can check the scores of all the cards in Arena here !

4. Think of the mana curve

When you're choosing cards, you also have to worry about your deck's mana curve working well. Sometimes, you will have to pass a good card to improve the mana curve. The player's experience here is important, because as you build the deck, you will be able to understand what is the best strategy. After taking 10 cards, you will have enough information to think about the type of deck you are building. Check out the three most solid strategies for Arena:

Mid-Game Curve

This is probably the most popular strategy in Arena . It is very solid and allows you to control the various stages of the game well. It has a lot of 4 mana cards because it is a decisive phase to be on top of the game. This mana curve can be used well with all heroes.

Agro Curve

In this aggressive strategy , you have to focus on low-cost cards. As you can see in the graph, there are 12 cards of 2 mana to pressure your opponent very early. Don't forget to take damage spells like Fireball to make the final blow. The best heroes for this strategy are the Wizard , Rogue and Hunter .

Late Game Curve

This is the right curve for those who like to control matches. You need cards with low mana cost to be able to stop the pressure and always control the table . Then, you need to endure until late-game, where you should have cards with a lot of value that will make you win. The most valuable heroes in this strategy are the Priest , Druid and Warlock .

5. Use HearthArena

The HearthArena is a legitimate application that will make your work easier to build the deck Arena. When building the deck, the application shows the score for the three cards and explains the synergies with the rest of the cards already chosen. Heartharena also stores match statistics for you to analyze your progress in the Arenas. Thus, you can relax in the decisions, but it is not necessary to follow all the recommendations of the application. Sometimes, there are cards with a very close score where your assessment can be more accurate.

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