To be successful in Lords Mobile , it is essential to invest in good equipment. This is because this is the most important way to improve your attributes regardless of the task you are doing. Check out everything about Lords Mobile equipment and use the different sets to get along in the game!

The basics of the equipment

All equipment is temporary and reflects the current state of the game. That is, if the maximum level increases, all equipment will be out of date. You should also have different sets of equipment for different situations and change according to what you are doing at the moment. It is important to know whether the equipment you are using is appropriate. For example, you will not be successful if you attack an enemy using your material collection equipment, as the benefits these items grant are not of interest in battle.

How to earn equipment

You can create equipment in the Workshop starting at level 17, using the materials you collect. However, some items can only be won by killing monsters. All equipment can be in different stages of rarity, which will influence its attributes. When creating items in the Workshop, these, necessarily, start being Common and can be evolved as follows: Common - Uncommon - Rare - Epic - Legendary - Mythic.

Basic sets

There are several sets of equipment that you must have to succeed in the various tasks of the game that do not involve battles.

Collection Set

The resources will help not only to feed your armies, but also to build and research. Therefore, the collection task is one of the most important in the game. There are only three pieces that will improve your collection, but the rest will increase the storage capacity of your armies and the speed with which they travel.
  • Accessories: 3x Ivory Necklace
  • Bad Hand: Gryphon Claw
  • Good Hand: Electric Spear
  • Helm: Mask of the Noceros
  • Armor: Illuminated Defense
  • Boots: Griffin Boot

Construction Set

If you equip the best building items, this task will increase your speed by 167.5%. And that doesn't include any additional improvements you have to research, talent, jewelry, or heroes. This is the simplest set to create in the game.
  • Accessories: 3x Sentinel Headband
  • Bad Hand: Gryphon Claw
  • Good Hand: Whip of Terror
  • Helm: Mask of Noceros
  • Armor: Illuminated Defense
  • Leg: Griffin Boot
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Research Set

Having such a set is extremely important. At level 60, with all the best pieces, you will have a search speed increase of 128.5%, excluding all other additional improvements. This means time savings that reach months when researching some of the most important technologies available.
  • Accessories: 3x Lunar Flute
  • Bad Hand: Deadly Gloves
  • Good Hand: Electric Spear
  • Helm: Wurm Diadem
  • Armor: Plate of Terror
  • Boots: Griffin Boot

Gold Production Set

Gold is the most important feature you need in Lords Mobile , as it is needed for almost everything in the game. If you use one of these sets, you can increase production by 277.5%.
  • Accessories: 3x Cold Breath
  • Bad Hand: Gryphon Claw
  • Good hand: any item
  • Helm: Helm of the Conqueror
  • Armor: Illuminated Defense
  • Boots: Dwarf Butts

Combat Equipment

The sets that you will use in combat situations will have to be composed of very powerful items for you to do well in the various battles of the game. Therefore, they are equipment that will have to be won in Monster Hunt .

Infantry Set

When you get this set, you will increase your Infantry's attack by 210% and your maximum health by 90%, not including the upgrades to the gems you can place on the items.
  • Accessories: 3x Ambrosia Cup (Good difficult Appeti)
  • Bad hand: Call of the Ocean (Tidal wave difficult)
  • Good Hand: Decadent Sword (Good difficult Appeti)
  • Helm: Beast Helm (Medium Sharp Tusk)
  • Armor: Plate of Terror (difficult Espinhorror)
  • Boots: Tasset of the Storm (Tough Tidal Wave)

Shooter Set

This set will improve your snipers' attack by 195% and their maximum life by 62.5%.
  • Accessories: 3x Ambrosia Cup (Good difficult Appeti)
  • Bad hand: Winter Gloves (medium Snow Beast)
  • Good Hand: Wurm Staff (Hard Jade Wurm)
  • Helm: Hornet Helm (Hard Queen Bee)
  • Armor: Hedonic Chestguard (Good difficult Appeti)
  • Boots: Dragon's Claw (medium Blackwing)

Cavalry Set

Get this set for your Cavalry and increase your soldiers' attack by 193.5% and your maximum life by 79.5%.
  • Accessories: 3x Fear Drum (medium throat)
  • Bad Hand: Dragon's Fist (Difficult Blackwing)
  • Good hand: Kraken anchor (Tidal wave very difficult)
  • Helm: Hornet Helm (Hard Queen Bee)
  • Armor: Plate of Fire (Medium Trojan Horse)
  • Boots: Wurm Girdle (Medium Gargantua)
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