Camille is a champion with very good mobility and precision, perfect for chasing and eliminating isolated champions. She is not a very difficult fighter and when you learn to play with Camille, you will understand how lethal she can be in matches. Learn the essentials to do well with Camille!

Camille's skills

  • Function: Fighter
  • Attack: 8
  • Defense 6
  • Ability: 3
  • Difficulty: 4

Passive: Adaptive Defense

When Camille makes basic attacks, she gains a shield that protects her from the enemies' primary damage. If the damage is physical, she receives a yellow shield; if the damage is magical, she receives a green shield. The shield's resistance increases with the maximum health of Camille.

Q: Precision Protocol

The next basic attack increases the additional damage and movement speed. The ability can be used again for a new attack for twice as much True Damage. As the wait time is very short, it is always worth waiting to use the second attack.

W: Tactical Sweep

Camille accumulates energy and launches a cone attack, inflicting physical damage on opponents. Enemies hit in the outer half are slowed for a few seconds. Camille also heals based on the damage done. Always think about saving this attack when chasing an opponent in order to reduce his speed.

E: Hook Shot

This is Camille's great mobility ability. In the first conjuration, she fires the hook and, if she catches a wall, she stays there. In the second spell, the Dive, she jumps in a new direction to collide with the first enemy champion, stunning all nearby enemies. Always aim well at the second attack spell. It is very important to stun enemies in order to guarantee a kill.

A: Hextech Ultimatum

Camille jumps on top of the Champion, trapping him for a few seconds in a hexagonal area from which he cannot escape at all. The other enemies are pulled out of that area, but still manage to enter to help their ally. Within this area, Camille's basic attacks gain additional magic damage.

Items for Camille

Trinity Force Ravenous Hydra Ninja Tabi Guardian angel Mallet frozen Youmuu's Ghostblade
Trinity Force: Camille takes advantage of all attribute increases that this item offers. It is the best investment you can make for the first item. Rabid Hydra: it 's a perfect item for Camille. Attack Damage, Base Health Regeneration, and Life Theft are attributes that can help a lot. The Unique Passive, Slit, allows the troops to be eliminated quickly. Ninja Tabi: ideal for any Camille build. Armor is very important here. Guardian Angel: it is an important item for your team. After you die, you can guarantee that you can still do some more damage. Frozen Mallet: with this item, you can greatly improve your Life and, at the same time, you will also have an increase in Attack Damage. Youmuu's Ghostblade: As a last item, it is ideal for increasing your Movement Speed and Lethality. Great for the final stage of the match.

Tips for playing with Camille

  • Camille can be a champion that requires a lot of precision and can be a little difficult initially. But with practice, you will master your skills;
  • Train a lot in the use of E (Hook Shot). Once you understand the mechanics of this skill, you will be very dangerous;
  • To do good teamwork, use R and W to put opponents in a good position for your allies with a lot of damage to attack;
  • Don't worry about killing in the early stages of battles, focus on eliminating troops. Camille is very dependent on items, and you need to farm well.

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