Brawl Stars has arrived for those who like action without limits, lots of shooting and really cool characters. Try different modes in solo, duo or trios, picking up gems and gold, detonating your opponents and improving the skills of your warriors who, in the game, are called Brawlers. But nothing better than to start playing well from the beginning so as not to make too many beginner mistakes. Check out our tips to debut in style in Brawl Stars!

1. Master the basics

Despite the differences between the Brawlers, they all have controls in common: movement and attack . Each Brawler has two bars: the health bar and the attack bar, divided into three parts. It is possible to shoot three times before reloading is necessary. It is very important to attack at the right time so as not to be vulnerable and always keep moving to make it difficult for your opponents to aim. Find out all about the latest Brawl Stars update!

2. Aim well at the target

When you press the attack button once, your Brawler will shoot the nearest enemy. This is effective in an emergency, but accurate shots do not put your character in danger. Press the fire button and hold to aim. When fixing your target, release the button to shoot. Some Brawlers can even shoot slightly curved.

3. Heal yourself often

Whenever you take damage, try to heal yourself by going away from the fight or behind protection and don't shoot. It only takes a few seconds to fill your life bar, but firing while healing heals the process. It is not an escape, but a strategic retreat.

4. Use the Super Attack

Each Brawler's Super Attack charges whenever he shoots opponents. Depending on your Brawler, this attack can be more or less useful, depending on the game mode and your objective. Use at decisive moments.

5. Whenever you can, protect yourself.

Looking at the maps carefully, you will see that there are bushes and stones. The stones protect you from enemy shots. The bushes, although they can be destroyed, also serve as a hiding place. Use this advantage well, surprising your enemies!

6. Access more Brawlers for free

The initial character of the game is Shelly, but there are other really cool characters that you can access without spending real money. But before you jump for joy, remember that to have access to all the characters you need a lot of game time and, above all, many victories. Different characters can be accessed in several ways:
  • Winning trophies : If you play a lot and, of course, if you win several matches, you can be rewarded with Trophies. If you collect enough Trophies, you can access some characters.
  • Brawl Boxes : whenever you collect 100 Tokens, you have the right to open a Brawl Box that will allow you to access a new character. To earn Tokens, just play. After 10 games, your ability to win Tokens decreases, gradually returning.
  • Keep an eye on the Store : you can get new Brawlers using gems. You can buy gems with real money or you can collect some more slowly, playing. Although free, this is a very slow process. With gems, you can get some Brawlers at a good price in the store, as well as Big and Mega boxes that can contain some Brawlers and other cool items.

7. Improve your Brawlers

Although the Brawlers will link up according to the fights they win, it does not increase their skills. To do this, it is necessary to collect Power Points . You find Power Points inside the Brawl Boxes - you get one whenever you collect 100 Tokens - or you can buy them using gems. Power Points are specific to each Brawler and cannot be used on other characters. It is very important to be aware of the different deals in the Store, as you can get Power Points at good prices on different days.

8. Know the different game modes

There are different modes in Brawl Stars. The Pique-Gema mode is the initial one, very fun and full of action, but the creators have added more modes that are worth checking out. Access the different modes by winning some trophies. Check out:
  • Pique Gema : the game's initial mode. Two teams of three players must collect and maintain ten gems. If any player is knocked out, he loses the gems.
  • Combat : a Battle Royale-inspired mode and can be accessed as soon as you collect 30 Trophies. Playing solo or with another friend, players need to pick up bandages or damage enhancers from chests scattered around the map. There is a cloud of gas that increases, forcing players to fight until only one winner remains.
  • Star hunters : another 3 Vs 3 mode where the team that gets the most kills wins the game.
  • Theft : A team must protect its safe while crossing the map to steal the enemy's safe.
  • Fute-Brawl : a fun football-inspired mode. The first team that scores two goals wins.
  • Big Game : In this mode, one player takes the position of Godfather and the other four try to defeat him. The Big Boss has more HP and deals more damage per attack, in addition to being higher. The objective of the team of four is to defeat the Big Boss as quickly as possible, who will try to survive anyway.
  • Cornered : fight for the pieces and build a robot that will help to destroy the enemy base.

9. Use different Brawlers for different modes

Each Brawler is unique, with different attacks and super attacks. Choose effective Brawlers for the mode you are going to play.
  • Pique Gem : this mode needs Brawlers with attacks that result in long distances and offensive Super Attacks. The best Brawlers in this mode are Penny, Dynamike, Barley, Poco, Bo, Ricochet, Jessie, Nita, Shelly, and Mortis.
  • Combat : This mode requires Brawlers with a lot of HP and long attacks, to avoid putting the Brawler in danger. The best Brawlers in this mode are Colt, El Primo, Bull and Frank.
  • Star hunters : the ideal would be to use Brawlers with a Super Attack that works well behind cover, as well as good healing ability. We suggest Piper, Brock, Crow, Pico and Penny.
  • Theft : In this mode, it pays to use Brawlers with a Super Attack that deals more damage than one enemy at a time, as well as good healing. The ideal Brawlers are Penny, Jessie, Barley, Dynamike, Nita, and Poco. Ricochet's Super Attack is also very useful in this mode.
  • Fute-Brawl : the most effective Brawlers in these matches are those that cause high damage and move well. A good choice would be Crow, Bull, Bo, Mortis, or Barley.
  • Big Game : if you play as Boss, it is convenient to use Brawlers whose super attack brings another ally. Brawlers like Nita, Crow, Jessie and Leon are the most effective. On the side of the team that wants to beat the big boss, it is highly effective to use Brawlers with attacks that freeze, delay or even poison the Big Boss. Crow, Spike and Frank are your best chances.
Find out which are the best Brawlers for each mode!

10. Join a Club

Club is simply as Brawl Stars designates Guild or Clan. Even if you are a beginner, it is very advantageous to join a club or make one with your friends. It is possible to create friendly matches that reward players with Tokens and Trophies or participate in the ranking, facing other players. Click here for more Brawl Stars tips and tutorials!

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