Slark is a carry hero who enjoys a moderate amount of armor and health regeneration, as well as being able to deal substantial damage to his enemies. However, its gameplay can be quite complex, especially for less experienced players. Check out this guide to get the most out of Slark's powers!

Advantages and disadvantages

Why play with Slark?

  • Slark is relatively strong throughout the game and not just from the second stage;
  • He has a lot of survivability and is therefore not easy to kill;
  • Slark has skills that help him escape when needed;
  • He is a hero who can do a lot of damage to the enemy.

And when should I not play with this hero?

  • If you are fighting an enemy that burns your mana, you will have a hard time overcoming it;
  • Slark has little mana overall and can't do much without this feature;
  • It is complex to learn the right time to use Dark Pact.

Tips for Powers and Skills

  • Dark Pact: This skill is very useful, especially while you are farming. With Dark Pact, you will be able to nuke, due to its great damage capacity. The most important feature of this ability is its low mana and reload cost. If you use Dark Pack wisely, it will be very difficult to kill Slark, but always keep in mind that the ability will also damage you.
  • Pounce: this is the main means you have to escape or to chase an enemy. With Pounce, you can even jump over ravines, making it very difficult for opponents to escape you.
  • Essence Shift: As Slark is an agility-based carry hero, Essence Shift is very useful. This ability causes you to steal attributes from your opponents and transform them into increasing your own damage and armor.
  • Shadow Dance: use this ability to annoy your enemies. With it, you greatly increase your life regeneration, your movement speed and still manage to remain invisible.

General strategy

During the first part of the game, while waiting to gain the Shadow Dance skill, you will need a lot of support while killing creeps. As soon as possible, choose an item from Blink Dagger or Shadow Blade to buy. From there, when you finally release Shadow Dance, you 'll be ready to farm effectively effectively . In the second part of the game, you have to keep a balance between pushing and farming. Go ahead with this strategy in a sustainable way and you will transform the game in favor of your team. In the final stage, you must catch Eye of Skadi and Abyssal Blade quickly to be ready for the final push. Don't forget that, being the team's carry hero, everyone is counting on you , mainly due to your armor, health regeneration and escape ability.

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