It is no longer a secret that Sony is producing a new console. Despite the many rumors and the few official confirmations of the company regarding the new PlayStation, we bring you all the concrete information released so far about the PS5. Technical specifications, price in Reais, release date and possible games are some of the updated information you will find in this article. Check out!

Release date - End of 2020

[UPDATE] Sony Interactive Entertainment President and CEO Jim Ryan confirmed on the company's official website that the PlayStation 5 will arrive even in 2020! As far as we know, it will be at the end of the year, so get ready to open your wallet for Christmas. The name of the console is also confirmed. It will be PlayStation 5, without inventions. Keep an eye on this article for new updates soon! [END OF UPDATE] Everything indicates that the announcement date and even the commercialization date of the new console is 2020. Let's remember that the PS4 will be 7 years old next year. All of his older brothers had between 6 and 7 years of "exclusivity" until the next generation was announced by Sony. This is certainly the information that generates the most hype in the gamer community . Much has been speculated that the PlayStation 5 would be announced in 2018, during the annual PlayStation Experience, PSX. With the cancellation of the event and the absence of Sony at E3 2019, fans had their spirits cooled. However, Sony's leading systems architect, Mark Cerny, who works with the next generation console, confirmed that we should not wait for the PS5 in 2019. According to the professional, who spoke exclusively to The Wired, not even a date launch will be released this year. After all, the hardware has n't even been revealed entirely by Sony. So if the Japanese company confirms its tradition and the rumors, the likely date when we can finally test the PS5 is really 2020.

Price in Reais

The gamers Brazilians should expect the PlayStation 5 passing the R $ 5,000.00 for a first time. We remind you that in 2013, at the time of the launch of the PS4, a Sony executive confirmed that the console would arrive in Brazil around R $ 3,999.99. The reason is due to the high import costs practiced by the country, which are around 60% to 70% of the total cost of the product. Of course, this value will be adjusted to the price practiced abroad. In this regard, several analysts in the gaming industry have given their hints in recent months as to how much the PlayStation 5 will initially cost. The hunch values do not vary much, ranging between $ 439.99 and $ 499.99.

Games and backwards compatibility

No concrete information has yet been released regarding titles that will be released for the new generation of PS. What we say with complete certainty is that the physical media will continue on the PS5. There will be backward compatibility with PS4 titles, which was already expected information. Backwards compatibility is a long-awaited feature for Sony video game owners. Unfortunately it is not possible today to play on PlayStation 4 titles belonging to previous generations. This announcement makes the Japanese company's next console more attractive, especially to the Brazilian public, which pays a high tax burden. In addition to backward compatibility, the cross-gen has already been confirmed. In other words: two friends can play the same game together online , even if one has a PS4 and the other has a PS5. This makes the current generation and the next generation much more connected, allowing the transition between one console and another to be gradual on the part of the players. There are rumors going around that the PlayStation 5 will allow us to play titles from the entire PS family, including the PS1. This may have some truth to it after Sony confirmed that the PS5 will include PlayStation Now. Below is a list of games that we hope to come out for PlayStation 5:
  • GTA VI - Rockstar
  • The Elder Scrolls VI - Bethesda
  • Nioh 2 - Team Ninja
  • God of War 2 - Santa Monica
  • Horizon: Zero Dawn 2 - Guerrilla Games
  • Cyberpunk 2077 - CD Projekt Red
  • The Last of Us Part II - Naughty Dog
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops 5 - Activision
  • Death Stranding - Kojima Productions
  • Spider-Man 2 - Insomniac Games
  • The Lord of The Rings: Gollum - Daedalic Entertainment
  • Marvel's Avengers - Square Enix
  • Final Fantasy VII Remake - Square Enix

3 PlayStation 5 technical innovations

PlayStation 5 fan made image
Mark Cerny was adamant that Sony has been developing its next console for four years. And it is not just an upgrade to what the company already has, but a reinvention of what it is to play video games. To confirm his claims, he released some technical specifications to the public:

1. Ray tracing technology and 3D sound unit

So far we know that the heart of the PS5, its CPU, will contain an AMD chip . But not just anyone. It will be an AMD chip of the third generation of the Ryzen line, with 8 colors of the company's latest microarchitecture, called 7nmZen 2. In terms of GPU, a customized version of the Radeon Navi family was produced. This version features a modeling and manipulation technique for light travel, which simulates complex interactions in 3D environments. The technology is known in English as ray tracing . The ray tracing technique mimics the movement of light from object to object. All renderings, even in real time, will make PlayStation 5 titles visually very close to reality. The AMD chip will still enable a 3D sound unit. Those who are used to playing with a headset , for example, can expect an immersive experience that has not yet been seen in the world of digital games. Cerny points out, however, that this feature will also be available for those who only play with the sound of the TV.

2. SSD at the base of the console

One of the biggest complaints from PS4 users is the delay in loading screens. There was an evolution in relation to the PS3, but it could still be better. We have already been able to confirm the information that Sony found a way to overcome the problem: Solid-state drivers , or SSDs. It is currently possible to integrate an SSD into the PS4. This greatly reduces waiting in heavy games. But what Mark Cerny promises is a specific type of SSD, with a much larger bandwidth than that seen on SSDs available for computers. According to the systems architect, this can speed up screen transitions by almost 19 times. We can wait for faster games. Waiting screens that take 15 seconds to load can take less than 1 second. Having a specific, basic SSD on the PS5 will still assist in smooth movement during gameplay .

3. Rendering images in 8k

It has been announced that the PlayStation 5 will render images and videos in 8k. But nothing has been said about whether the games will run at this resolution. So we see this as a certain rumor, mainly because there is still no official statement on the matter by Sony.

PlayStation 5 hardware

Will the PS5 joystick have a touch screen ?
We cannot deny that the basic PS4 is a powerful console. Still, compared to the most modern and recent computers, it leaves much to be desired in many aspects. The 8GB GDDR5 memory is low, and the maximum space of 1TB on the HD does not allow for many stored games. Even its Pro version does not have so many evolutions in terms of the system. The PS4 Pro's GPU is 4.20 TFLOPS, with the same AMD Radeon ™ based graphics engine as the standard version. The supposed native 4K of the more robust version of this console does not have the same resolution or the same quality as that offered by Xbox One, for example. In comparison to the technical specifications so far officially confirmed by Sony, we can expect a PlayStation 5 far superior to the PlayStation 4 in terms of hardware . The promise of 4K and 8K natives, in addition to a frame rate of 120 FPS, excites and elevates hype to heights. As for DualShock 5, a journalist did a test on the new Sony console and confirmed that the joystick will react differently according to each game and time of the game. When testing a version of Gran Turismo , he said that whenever the track surface changed, the controller had a different kind of effect on his fingers. We also know that the DS5 will have USB-C input. As for appearance, there is still nothing officially released by Sony. If the information officially released proves to be true, the PlayStation 4 may become completely obsolete as early as 2020. We now have to wait for further clarification from Sony regarding everything we can expect from the PS5. See below the technical specifications confirmed so far:
  • 8 core AMD 7nm Zen 2 CPU
  • Ray Tracing technology and AMD Navi GPU
  • Specific SSD storage for PS5, capable of speeding loading screens up to 19 times
  • PlayStation VR support
  • Permanence of physical and digital media
  • Backward compatibility with PlayStation 4 and cross-gen
  • Rendering images in 8k
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