Critical Ops: check the 7 patents of the ranked

In Critical Ops there are seven different patents that start in Bronze and go to Special Forces. Patents are a way of indicating the skill and experience of the player who plays in ranked mode. As in other games, each player faces players with the same rank in matches, until they go up. For example, if you are Gold patent you will be paired with other Gold patent players.

How to start in Patents

To enter Ranked mode and be able to move up the rank, it is necessary to get 250 kills in casual mode. Then, you can start your patent walk. To rise in rank, you need to earn 15 points by winning matches, that is, you need to win 9 rounds. The opposite is also possible, the player can go down in rank if he starts losing rounds and matches. Check out the seven ranks of the ranks:







Special forces

Note: when you reach the rank of Special Forces , the overall percentage of the player's skill appears in the center of the symbol.

Differences between ranked and casual games

  • The only mode of ranked games is Disarm .
  • The game ends when a team wins 9 wins . In casual mode there are 13.
  • Ranked games start with a 25-second warm-up. During that time, players can buy any weapon they want. Eliminations during that time do not count towards the ranked player.
  • The player cannot stay in spectator mode or switch sides.
  • If you disconnect from the game several times you will be penalized and will only be able to play ranked after 48 hours.
  • If you disconnect from a ranked match you will not be able to enter a casual match until the ranked match is over.
Tips for doing well in Critical Ops!

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