Learn more about Weekly Fortnite Challenges: Battle Royale

In Fortnite: Battle Royale you have access to special daily and weekly missions that give you various types of rewards. These challenges consist of several objectives, from killing a number of enemies or using a specific weapon during matches. Check out all the challenges of the current season and their rewards!

Weekly Challenges Season 7 - Week 1

Free pass

  • Collect one item from each rarity
  • Dance in different Prohibited Locations (7)
  • Play Matches with at least one elimination (5)
Battle Pass
  • Stage 1: Dance in a Trailers Crown
  • Cause damage to head hits to opponents (500)
  • Stage 1: Searching Ammo Boxes in a Single Match (5)
  • Eliminate opponents at different Named Points (5)

How to access the weekly Challenges

Every week, players can access special challenges, exclusive to those who purchase a Battle Pass (900 V-Bucks). Each mission released grants a reward of 500 XP and 5 or 10 Stars , depending on the difficulty. Tasks can be of several types:

1. Action

These challenges consist of using a specific weapon or tool during the match. This is the easiest way, as you can progressively complete the mission while playing normally. These are the challenges that usually fall into this category:
  • Collect resources with a pick (5 Stars);
  • Use a trap or bush (5 Stars);
  • Damage players with a specific weapon (5 Stars);
  • Eliminate enemies with a specific weapon (10 Stars);
  • Eliminate opponents in a specific location (10 Stars).
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2. Locations

These tasks ask the player to find a specific point or more on the map, basing their search only on a clue or treasure map. These challenges can take longer, as the locations to be found are often well hidden and usually consist of:
  • Visit different locations scattered around the map (5 Stars);
  • Land at different locations on the map (5 Stars);
  • Follow the treasure map (10 Stars);
  • Search for a location in the center of three specific places (10 Stars).
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3. Chests

In this type of mission, you need to open chests that are in a specific location . This means that all players go to that location to complete the challenge, which is dangerous. In addition, the chest is only opened by the first player to disappear and reappear only in the next game. Ideally, to complete this task smoothly, you should wait a few days after the Weekly Challenges are released and most players have already completed them. This type of challenge consists only of:
  • Search for chests in a specific location (5 Stars).

There are also daily Challenges

Every day, you will have access to a new set of Daily Challenges that will be available to all players in the lobby. These missions consist of three activities with concrete combat objectives , such as reaching a specific number of deaths. Complete these missions every day to earn 500 extra XP for each one and sometimes Stars. Daily tasks can consist of these goals:
  • Survive longer than a number of solo or team players;
  • Eliminate players with a specific weapon;
  • Search for a number of chests;
  • Play a certain number of games;
  • End a match within a specific top.
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