Each Pokémon in Pokémon GO has three different IV's, or Individual Values, that determine its HP, Defense and Attack. These numbers are determined at random and there is no way to view or change them directly. However, you can reach these values using a special calculator. There are several available online and all have the same goal: to objectively understand which IV's of your pokémon. Check out this guide to learn more about Pokémon GO calculators !

What calculators to use?

For a more accurate answer about your creatures' IVs, you can then use a calculator. There are several on the Internet and you can find them with a simple search. To reach the results, it is necessary to fill in some information about your trainer level, your Pokémon's CP and the amount of Star Powder needed to level the Pokémon. These are three reliable sites that you can visit to use a calculator:
  • Gamepress
  • The Silph Road
  • Gameinfo

What are IV's and why are they important?

As already mentioned, there are three IV's assigned to each creature individually. One determines the damage of the attacks, another the damage suffered when attacked and, finally, the Pokémon's HP. Each monster species has a base set of predefined attributes, but each individual monster will have its own set of IV's, which will determine that two equals do not have exactly the same power. To check your Pokémon's IV's, you need your Team Leader to analyze them. To do this, select the desired Pokémon and an option to Evaluate your monster will appear. However, this method will only reveal some clues about the secret attributes and not their exact values. Therefore, to be more sure about the value of a pokémon, it is always best to use a calculator. Learn how to catch Mewtwo in Pokémon GO! This document was edited with the instant web content composer. Use the online HTML converter to convert the documents for your website.

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