Learn how to share your games through Steam!

Many players don't know but it is possible to share their Steam game library on other computers. By checking some options quickly, you can let your friend play your games on another PC, or you can even try some of them that you don't already have. Check out below how to share your game library on Steam! 1 - The first step in sharing games on Steam is to make sure Steam Guard is enabled on your account. To do this, go to the Steam menu > Settings> Account and check the "Security Status" line. If you have never changed anything, protection is likely to be active. 2 - Still in the settings, access the Family and share menu and check the " Authorize sharing on this computer " box and press OK. 3 - Next, you need to log in with your account on the PC that you want to give access to the games. After logging in, repeat the previous step by checking the " Authorize sharing on this computer " field. 4 - Back to your PC, in the Steam menu > Settings> Account , look at the "Share / Eligible Accounts" box. It will show the new PC added for sharing. Check the box and click OK. There, your game library will be accessible on the other PC even if your account is not logged in there.

Game sharing rules on Steam

  1. You can only share your library with a maximum of 10 simultaneous computers. In addition, only 5 different accounts can access your library.
  2. You can only share your entire library. You cannot share specific games.
  3. The library cannot be accessed by 2 people at the same time. The person who received the share will only be able to play if the holder is not playing.
  4. The library owner has the right to access it at all times. If the person who received the share is logged in at the same time as the holder, they will have 5 minutes to go out or buy the game.
  5. When sharing the library, not all games will be accessible to other players. Some games that require an account, codes or subscriptions will not appear.
  6. The person who received the share can only access the games if they are online.
  7. If the VAC (Valve's Anti-Cheat System) detects the use of cheats in accounts whose library is shared. The holder will lose the right to share it again.
  8. Games where the account holder has been banned by the VAC will not appear on the library share.
  9. In cases of additional content (DLC), the person who received the share will only receive the content if they do not have the game in their own library.
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