Juggernaut is a versatile hero and extremely fun to play. Although you have the carry function, you are not extremely dependent on the farm, so you will have other goals right from the start. Check out these tips to take advantage of this hero!

Advantages and disadvantages

Why play with Juggernaut

  • Juggernaut can use Blade Fury to become immune to spells;
  • You can do a surprising amount of damage right from the start of the game;
  • Juggernaut is not a hard-carry hero, so you can get involved in the game from an early age without needing to farm exclusively.

And when I must not play with this hero

  • During the first part of the game, Juggernaut relies heavily on mana;
  • At the end of the game, you will need powerful items to be useful;
  • If you like to farm exclusively or if the team needs a hard-carry hero, then Juggernaut is not the best option to take.

Tips for Powers and Skills

  • Blade Fury: This ability will be your biggest source of damage since the start of the game. In addition, it also leaves you immune to magic so that you can escape these attacks. But you have to learn to manage your resources when using this skill, as it costs a lot of mana and temporarily silences you. You need to focus on improving this ability as soon as possible, to lower your mana cost.
  • Healing Ward: This ability heals all allies in an area. Although it is very useful, you have to be careful, as the totem that launches the healing has only one life point, so it is easily destructible. Keep the totem in the center of your team, well protected, so that everyone is always full of life.
  • Blade Dance: This is a simple skill, but it does 200% of your base damage with each attack. You should improve this ability as soon as possible, right after upgrading Blade Fury.
  • Omnislash: When you activate this ability, you jump from enemy to enemy, inflicting massive damage with each jump and becoming invulnerable. You must use this ability from the beginning on enemy heroes who have little health.

General Strategy

During the first part of the game, you will have to take a lane with a support to start your farm. Once you manage to get Mask of Madness, you can start your journey alone. When you finally catch Omnislash, your goal is to eliminate enemy heroes. During the second part of the game, it is best to team up with your team's Initiator hero to start team fights or ganks together. Don't forget that Juggernaut is not very farm dependent, so his main objective is to gank as much as possible . In the final stage of the game, avoid being alone. It is very important that you help your team during battles , especially using your Healing Ward intelligently.

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