9 essential tips for beginners in Stardew Valley!

Stardew Valley is a very complex game for beginners. The number of actions and activities you can perform is very large, and it always gives you that feeling of missing something. So, here are 9 essential tips for you to start the game the right way. Check out!

1. Configure the tool's setting location

Before even taking the first step in Stardew Valley, access the settings menu (“E” key) and choose the “Options” tab. Then, check the box "Show tool setting location". This will make a small square appear that shows exactly where the use of the tools (ax, hoe, shovel, etc.) will be made, making the visualization much easier.

2. Watch TV every morning

At the beginning of each day in Stardew Valley, turn on the television. It provides some essential information that, if used well, will greatly facilitate your progress in the game. The television in Stardew Valley has 4 channels: Weather forecast : informs the weather forecast of the next day, warning if the day will be sunny, if it will rain, if there will be a storm, etc. This information is important for various aspects of the game, especially with regard to your planting. Seer : Seer informs his luck of the day. This attribute is also crucial for various actions that you develop in the game, so knowing your luckiest days can dictate your choices, such as going to mine on lucky days to find more valuable ores. Living off the land : tips on planting, harvesting, relationships and also tells you the season you are in. Sauce queen : teaches new recipes. So be sure to check the TV every morning, and define your actions according to the information received.

3. Always have a Hoe in your inventory

Always be like a Hoe in your inventory. Very often you will find earthworms along the way across the map of Stardew Valley. At these times, use the Hoe on them to receive a random item. Your luck informed by the Seer in the morning influences the quality of the item found in the worm. Pay attention to the description of the items found. Some may be of interest to Gunther, the Museum manager. In such cases, deliver the item to him instead of selling them. This will make you receive more valuable rewards.

4. Collect 300 pieces of wood as quickly as possible

At the very beginning of your activities in Stardew Valley, start collecting pieces of wood. It is not necessary to focus only on wood farming. Take care of the farm and manage your energy as normal, but avoid spending it in the beginning. As soon as you have 300 pieces, go to the beach on the right side. You will find a broken bridge. Make the repair with the wood and cross to the other side. There you will find a variety of very good loots for the beginning of the game. Sell them to get great money.

5. Build chests after repairing the bridge

After spending 300 timbers repairing the bridge, it's time to craft chests, since space in the inventory is one of the biggest problems at the beginning of the game. Each chest requires 50 timbers and provides 36 slots to store items. In addition, you can mark each chest with a specific color to make it easier to find your loots.

6. Build bonds with the villagers

One of the main aspects of Stardew Valley is developing your relationships with your neighbors. If you press the "E" key and choose the "Social" tab, you will see the level of your relationships with each villager, measured in hearts. Each heart is equivalent to 250 friendship points. There are several ways to earn friendship points in Stardew Valley. Among the main ones are:
  • Talking;
  • Completing delivery missions;
  • Choosing the right alternatives for your heart events (specific events that improve relationships;
  • Gift giving.
On the gifts, each villager has his preferences on items. It is important to find out what items each neighbor loves or hates. That way you can earn more points. In addition, you can check each villager's birthday on the calendar in front of Pierre's establishment. When you present someone with an item they love on their birthday you will receive 3 hearts (which is a lot). Check out our full list of Stardew Valley gifts and birthdays and find out exactly what to give to each neighbor. On the same calendar you can also check the festival dates (by the flag icon). There you can also improve your relationships with neighbors.

7. Take advantage of lucky days to collect and process geodes

Take advantage of the days when the Seer informs you that you are very lucky to go mining. The goal is to find as many Geodes as possible and process them at the Blacksmith Clint. If you already have a good number of accumulated geodes, go straight to the blacksmith and process as much as possible. Lucky processed geodes can provide several high quality loots that are difficult to find otherwise.

8. Search the dumpsters for loots

You can search the dumps found throughout the map for loots. The main use of this is to find items that recover energy. However, do not let any resident see you doing this, otherwise you will lose friendship points with him. The only exception is Linus, who doesn't care about these things.

9. Always come home before 2 am

Avoid staying out late at home. That's because, if you go past 1 am, your character will be slower and, even if he falls asleep soon, he won't recover all his energy the next day. In addition, if the clock says 2 am and you are away from home, your character will fall asleep and you will lose money, experience and levels, depending on where you slept. Generate HTML color codes with the color picker that converts to hex and reg code and generates the most common code snippets to use in your document.

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